Exploring the 4 Key Types of Renewable Energy Storages

renewable energy storage plant

The world is at a turning point where it must switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources in order to tackle climate change. Because they are clean, plentiful, and sustainable, renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy are gaining popularity. Yet, one of the primary issues with renewable energy is the intermittent nature […]

Energy Transition: How Executives and Investors Embrace it

Solar energy is the future for the planet.

The energy sector is on the brink of a multidecade transformation with the Energy Transition in sight. While that alone makes it worth your while to follow along closely, this shift is also noteworthy as it’s taking place in an era where the world has become increasingly connected — both socially and economically. The changes […]

2020’s Oil Industry: A Brief Recap

Oil Industry in 2020

A couple months into 2020, planes stopped flying, roads cleared out and Zoom took over the world, what did this mean for the oil industry? The global demand for oil barrels -which had amounted to 100 million per day the year before-, dropped to 29 million a day in 2020. A lot of major industry […]