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Global Workforce Management Services

WTS Energy’s Global Workforce Management Services are designed
to help organisations optimize their workforce performance, ensure compliance,
increase profitability and reduce operating costs. We provide: Global Workforce Management Services.

WTS Energy works with major energy companies to recruit skilled Contractors for the Oil and Gas Industry. We supply highly skilled Technical, Operational and Managerial Professionals to the world’s most successful energy companies. 

Even to the most remote locations on the planet.

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Manpower & Technical Assistance

Global Recruitment Campaigns

We coordinate and execute every step of the recruitment process including Candidate Attraction and Advertising, Short Listing, Interview Coordination and logistics. Tailored to your requirements and timelines.

WTS Energy has a strong focus on Local Content Development which in the end supports local communities and knowledge development and transfer.

Our proven local content development and training methodology help you build and maintain your local capabilities.

We Focus on Green

Renewable Energy

The demand for Renewable Energy grows by the day. Our Engineers and Services are present in almost every country both in the developed world and in the emerging markets. Renewable Energy is the future and we are ready to support it.