people and Solutions for Energy
and ReneWable Energy. Globally.

Solutions for your Asset Management, Technical Assistance, Manpower and Recruitment needs. We deliver services to the major Energy Industry players and actively support the transition towards Renewable Energy.

Always within reach.

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V&SH Offshore Solutions

a WTS Energy company

V&SH Offshore Solutions is an offshore contractor, specialized in testing and terminations, cable repairs and outfitting of offshore high voltage assets. 

More about us

OUR values

Proactive, Focus & Persistence
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Trustworthy & Honest
Down to Earth & Ambition


Provide job opportunities that meet top labor standards & empower Renewable Energy and Responsible Oil and Gas.

OUR purpose

To offer meaningful work around the world and help to protect the environment during the energy transition.

we provide

Global Workforce Management Services

Empowering our customers to maximize their workforce performance, increase business productivity and operate at lower cost. People for Energy and Engineering.

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Qualified PersoNNel

To stay competitive in the current market environment, it is crucial for companies to focus on the factor that mostly influences business results: its people.

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We are not only engaged directly and regularly with the team, we also have embraced the most advanced IT technology to provide optimal solutions.

we add value

manpower & technical assistance

Adding value by mobilizing the right technical specialist, efficiently and in a compliant manner, to any location in the world.

We are truly global

Our consultants originate from every corner of the world, including North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

and we are here to help!

With our global recruitment team and regional offices, we have the capability to provide local talent or expat professionals, based on your specific requirements.

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What do we do

Global Recruitment Campaigns

We coordinate and execute every step of the recruitment process including Candidate Attraction and Advertising, Short Listing, Interview Coordination and Logistics.

renewable energy solutions

The demand for Renewable Energy grows by the day. Our Engineers and Services are present both in the developed world and in the emerging markets.

Asset management

Our most comprehensive service. We operate, maintain and support the entire life cycle of your assets,. Our multi-disciplinary approach maximises productivity and safety while reducing your operating expenses.


Remote pressure and temperature monitoring

Manually checking wellhead integrity, annulus pressure and temperature is labour intensive, resource heavy and expensive. Plus there are associated safety risks. In addition, manual monitoring is prone to error and rarely regular.

Automating your well integrity monitoring with HiberHilo takes all these challenges and costs away.

you want to develop

Training and local content development

WTS Energy has a strong focus on Local Content Development which in the end supports local communities and knowledge development and transfer.

Corporations and public sector allocate large sums of resources in order to build and maintain capital assets, such as infrastructure, telecommunications, water plants vessels, solar power stations, wind farms etc. Often, by mobilising Western staff and overlooking local knowledge and experience. Our proven local content development and training methodology help you build and maintain your local capabilities.