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Can WTS Energy’s talent pool of more than 980K help you with the following services?

Manpower, Engineering & Recruitment Services

WTS Energy Engineering-Services people working

Training Services & Workforce Management

WTS Energy Manpower and Recruitment Services

Operations & Maintenance

WTS Energy Workforce Management-and-Training Services

A force for good

To offer meaningful work around the world and to help protect the environment during the energy transition.

Sustainable Development Goals

News and Insights

Recognizing and benefiting from the changes around us, lie at the core of personal, corporate and societal transition. That’s why we like to share our thoughts and experiences with you.

Are you an energy pioneer in Mexico?

For Mexican energy pioneers there is have a country specific website, to comply to local legislation and better respond to specific demand. Our mission, to offer meaningful work to help the energy transition succeed, is the same in Mexico, as in the rest of the world.