V&SH Offshore Solutions joins the WTS Energy Group

V&SH Offshore Solutions – the leading European High Voltage offshore Testing and Termination company is now part of the global WTS Energy Group   WTS Energy is pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with V&SH Hanab, a VolkerWessels company to  continue the Offshore High Voltage Electrical Cable Testing and Termination activities. V&SH […]

Wind energy’s significant growth is still not enough

Renewable Energy

In the past decade, the size of the wind energy market has grown exponentially, powered by technology innovations and favorable economies of scale. China and the US are to thank for this growth. As of 2020, both countries had installed approximately three quarters of all new world installations, which amount to more than 50% of […]

Top 7 Energy Trends in 2021

Energy Trends for 2021

Forecasting energy trends is never easy. Now, after a rather challenging year, there are even more factors to count in. For instance:  Pandemic restriction measures: lockdowns, remote working, curfews Employment rates and disposable income rates which will directly affect economic recovery Shifts in travel and trade Changes in demand for oil and natural gas, and […]