Kenya Office Expansion

We are excited to announce that our team in Kenya has moved to a new location on Rhapta Road in Westlands. Since our incorporation here in Kenya in 2015, we have had the ambition to have an office space that reflects the performance and client focused service culture within WTS.
Our previous office space served us well, and we made great memories and strides to where we want to be in East Africa i.e. the leading workforce management solution provider in the region, however, we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.
While we were happy with our previous space, there were several motivating factors to make a move:
1. Space: The space in our last office was getting tight. We were three of us in 2015 with plenty of room, but the number keeps on growing. The new office offered us more square footage, allowed us to rethink our layout, but more importantly it has given us space to add on to the team.
2.Growth Strategy: It has always been part of our strategy to grow the business from the start. With our strategy to increase our head count, our old office could not sufficiently meet the desired footage to accommodate our needs in the long term. As our clientele activities grow and as we on board new clients, extra hands are needed to ensure the quality of service remains consistent.
3.Listening to our clients: The nature of our business is that we serve a clientele list whom are both local and from across the globe. Some of our clients do not have an in-country office where their employees/consultants can be based. With this in mind, we have added space to cater to our clients, on both short and long-term basis, where their employees/consultants can work from, with all the amenities they may need to fulfill their duties.
It has been an exciting 3 years under the WTS banner here in Kenya and we look at this new location as an opportunity to start off another chapter in our history. 2017 was an interesting year for Kenya and there is a collective impetus, across all sectors, to grow our economy to heights never seen before. In this, we are happy to be associated with all our present clients, in the various capacities we serve them, and we are looking forward to connecting further with both the current and new clients in 2018.
Thank you for all your support
Please feel free to contact our Country Lead, Brian Kuloba, on for any inquiries on our services or to catch up on the various projects in the sectors we support.
Our new office address is Office A3, SK Offices, Rhapta Road, Westlands.

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