5 Things To Do To Your LinkedIn Before 2021

In today’s corporate world, our LinkedIn profile is our presentation letter. And to kickstart 2021 with the right foot, you better present your best image.

Here is a list of 5 quick things you must do to your profile before the year ends.

1. Update your photo: Perhaps over the pandemic you’ve let your hair grown, or are into a more business casual style – show it! Remember to face the camera and preferably stand in front of a plain background.
A pro tip is to have the photo you will upload saved as yourname.jpg, that way when people Google you, your magazine-cover-worthy photo will come up immediately.

2. Update your experience entry: Have you completed another year in your company? Have you changed roles? Or have you earned new skills while being in the same position? Make sure your experience details are current on LinkedIn and provide an image of where are you headed in your career.

3. Showcase: We are talking about adding videos, photos, brilliant PowerPoint presentations, whitepapers – the list goes on. Upload all those pieces that best showcase your work and skills. However, be careful with uploading material that include sensitive information about your company.

4. Add accomplishments: did you complete an online training course? Upload your certificate! Did you pick up a new language? Add it to your resume.

5. Check your contacts: First, do a quick round through your emails/messages of 2020. Second, identify those couple of people that you met and interacted with over Zoom, Teams or Meets. Lastly, add them to your network. In a year with so much distance, you’d still be surprised with the amount of connections you might have been able to make thanks to our current technologies.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a quick recap of what you’ve done this 2020, and put forward your best, updated version for 2021.

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