WTS Energy joins O&G Network

O&G Network Limited is pleased to announce the formation of a Global Alliance of Resource Service Providers to the Oil and Gas Industry. O&G Network Ltd. is an innovative entity which provides a unique marketing and delivery platform to meet the demand for high-quality, cost effective Consulting, Contracting and Manpower Services available globally.

The Alliance is formed of four companies that are recognised as experts in their field of operations, encompassing all of the global Oil & Gas areas of operation.

The Combined Strength of the Alliance

Number of Countries: 40

Total Headcount: 2400

Total Revenue: US$ 350 million

Each company has comprehensive experience of operating in their specific region(s). This ensures that O&G Network has the most current knowledge of operating requirements in all regions to ensure of full compliance including immigration, taxation and local and expatriate personnel support requirements. The members of the Alliance are; Competentia, IOTA Group, Vinarco International and WTS Energy. Each of the Member companies continues to provide their services as an independent entity and, when appropriate, will join with other Member(s), to ensure Clients’ requirements are met in the most efficient manner.

We believe that, by facilitating a combination of such respected, experienced and capable companies, the O&G Network will provide the best service available to Clients, in all countries in which the service is required, in a timely, fully compliant and cost effective manner.

O&G Network Limited CEO, John Wiseman, stated “After many months of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of O&G Network. O&G Network is a Global Alliance of Oil and Gas recruitment and service companies which have agreed to assist each other, where necessary, on a global basis. The global footprint of the Alliance Members currently covers more than 40 countries in Oil and Gas operating regions. We are extremely pleased to announce that Competentia, IOTA Group, Vinarco International and WTS Energy have joined O&G Network effective of the 1st March 2016. We regard the Alliance as the ideal vehicle to operate cost effectively and in a timely and fully complaint manner, recognising particular requirements for local content. We look forward to ensuring all the Alliance member companies are as successful as they fully deserve to be. This form of operation, we believe, provides Clients with the choice of using highly skilled and experience companies at any location they require”

The Member Companies commented as follows;

Competentia CEO, Geir Egil Olsen, stated “Think global, act local; Competentia is extremely pleased to be entering into this strategic partnership with WTS Energy, IOTA Group, and Vinarco International as it not only strengthens the service offering from Competentia, but also represents a leap step in establishing a truly strong global presence for all our clients”

IOTA Group CEO, Thierry Cusin, stated “IOTA is very pleased to join the O&G Network. We do share a common vision of what our industry is. Having knowledgeable partners, such as the O&G Management Team, Competentia, Vinarco and WTS, is definitely a smart way to grow while providing extra added value. The O&G sector is going through a very challenging time and we believe this Alliance is a big step forward to a new efficient way of delivering our services. Being global requires, more than ever, being local everywhere, it is promoting sustainable development, it is finding the right talents, it is working in a fully compliant way, all at once. We have no doubt that the O&G Network will lead us toward a new dimension”

Vinarco Group CEO, Vincent Swift, stated “We are very pleased to be part of the O&G Network venture as we see this as absolutely the best platform for the Vinarco Group going forward. We believe that this kind of state-of-the-art, smart, collaborative platform is the way to look after Clients globally in the Oil & Gas space, as technology improves communications and flattens the world. We have known the key executives in O&G Network, IOT Group, WTS Energy and Competentia for several years and recognize that there is a cultural and professional fit between us all. Each of the Members is committed to delivering the kind of seamless cooperation required by the Clients. We have an ideal geographical fit with our fellow Members – we gain a global footprint, with minimal, if any, duplication. We see only a significant upside for our shared global clients and ultimately for the O&G Network Members. This structure gives us the flexibility and reach to mobilise contractors globally and meet Client needs faster, smarter and more-cost-effectively.”

WTS Energy CEO, Frederik Rengers, stated “At WTS Energy we are very enthusiastic about the O&G Network initiative. Under the leadership of John Wiseman and Stephen Grey we fully expect to reduce our Operating cost and increase global coverage to service our Clients in the best possible way. New ways of collaborating, in the current low oil price environment, is the way of the future to maintain industry and service integrity. We are honoured to be in an Alliance with industry innovators and leading companies such as Competentia, IOTA Group and Vinarco International. We are looking forward to putting our best efforts and commitments into the Alliance”.


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