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Maintenance Superintendent
Published on: 03/26/21

Middle East
Khor Mor
Job Description


Manages and organizes all the resources of the maintenance department and ensures that all maintenance jobs are completed efficiently and cost effectively. Technical responsibility for all plant, equipment and machineries. Provides support to design stage of KM250 and all other plant development projects and ensures equipment design is in line with current and required maintenance needs. Support SAP implementation project and ensures all ongoing routines and major services and their data transferred and managed smoothly during and after migration to SAP. Improves competency of maintenance team.



Facility Management & Policy Compliance

· Ensures accurate development, implementation and administration of the Computerized Maintenance Management through SAP system.

·  Ensures that sub- contractors are managed safely and effectively.

·  Responsible for providing input into design stage of KM 250 / 500 projects and ensuring equipment design is in line with current and required maintenance needs. Support all construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of new facilities.

· Liaises and co-operates with other heads of departments, ensuring awareness of schedule & ongoing maintenance activities.

· Review and validate all maintenance manuals and procedures and provide the required support for document mapping and control project.

· Ensures that all maintenance personnel, service contractors and personnel involved in operations under the control of the Maintenance Department.

· Participates in the effective monitoring, audit and review of management systems and procedures, and to Contributes to their further development and continuous improvement.

· Ensures the Permit to Work (PTW) system is adhered to and that all isolations are in compliance with the Isolation Philosophy.

·  Promotes effective communications through regular awareness and safety meetings.

· Manages through detail planning, preparation and reporting, the execution of both PPM and Corrective Maintenance works in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

· Manage and control the application of diagnostic fault finding skills on key equipment and systems and identify the training for personnel as required.

· Maintains facilities equipment and associated documentation in accordance with prescribed PPM schedules.

· Participates fully where required, in the investigation and reporting of accidents and incidents.

· Provides technical support for the performance of all aspects of rotating equipment operation, care and maintenance.

·  Performs root cause failure analysis where required.

·  Manage maintenance budget and provide budget forecasting requirement for upcoming years.

·  Improve the competency of LN staff and carry performance evaluation for maintenance personnel.


Health, Safety and the Environment

· Ensures the strict adherence to Safety, Health and Environmental policies across the business.

· Assists in the planning, coordination and execution of shutdown programs and the implementation of safety procedures and practices.

Functional Leadership Management

·  Ensures the effective achievement of maintenance department functional objectives through the leadership and supervision of staff – setting individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff, provision of formal and informal feedback and appraisal – in order to maximize subordinates and departmental performance.

· Builds a strong team in order to ensure versatility and adequate succession cover. Ensure the maintenance team has appropriate skills and resources including personnel, process and tools to meet the business objectives.

· Manages all staff under authority professionally, fairly and reasonably in line with Company HR policies and protocol towards agreed objectives.

Reporting and Communication

· Reports to the Plant Manager on all issues relating to the management and processes of the maintenance department.

· Exhibits and maintains excellent working relationships with all CreDan staff.

Continuous Improvement of Position

· Conducts a continuing study of operational policies, procedures and systems to keep senior management updated of contemporary practices.

· Identifies areas for improving facilities on a continuous basis in order to increase the equipment availability and productivity.


Minimum Educational, Technical Qualifications/Certifications Required

·  Bachelor degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Chemical)

·  Minimum of 10 years’ experience in day-to-day management of equipment maintenance, condition monitoring and control system interfaces in a field position as maintenance superintendent