Drilling Engineer
Job Description


The Drilling engineers as part of PMC shall be responsible for collaboration with Integrated Services Execution Contractors to deliver the wells and overall drilling campaigns with zero or minimum environmental impact, and in compliance with all the Statutory, Regulatory, COMPANY standards, policies & guidelines and relevant API guidelines and industry best practices. 

Responsibilities of the Drilling engineers shall include, but not be limited to the under-listed:

  • Review and validate all drilling related draft plans/programs submitted by the Execution Contractor and make recommendation to the Execution Contractor incorporating anticipated risk and its mitigation measures
  • Review and validate the final plan/programs submitted by the Execution Contractor and make recommendation to the company along with the rationale/ basis of recommendation at all decision points/ gates
  • Review and validate Basis of well design (BOWD), Re-entry and Sidetrack feasibility studies, Review Completion basis of design documents in coordination with the Petroleum Engineers.
  • Participate in campaign kick-off meetings and drive Drill Well On Paper (DWOP
  • Review and validation of individual well programs, drilling montages, directional plan, drilling fluid program, cementing program, abandonment program, well suspension program etc. received from growth partners
  • Review and make recommendation to Execution Contractor/ company on the HSE bridging documents, Waste management and disposal plan, Emergency response plan etc.
  • Review Execution Contractor’s Well Control guide, Basis of rig selection, Blowout contingency plan, Oil spill response plan, FDP drilling inputs, P&A strategy, suspension strategy, Risk matrix & action plan tracker, Inventory plan, Long lead items tracking, Drilling schedule and sequence, Permit to work & SIMOPS plan, Environment Monitoring and Waste management plan and other project related documentations.
  • Review and monitor daily drilling operations, QA/QC all drilling related daily reports, Ensure timely submission all daily deliverables (like DDR, IADC, DMR, Directional drilling parameters reports, POB, E-forms, LOT/FIT charts, All pressure test charts.) are provided by growth partner and QA/QC the reports filled by Execution Contractor into COMPANY’s Openwells software.
  • Keep track of validity of documents required to maintain or extend the OISD Consent to Operate certificate.
  • Prepare MOCs and Dispensations for drilling related operations.
  • Review third party rigs/ tangibles/ vessels inspection report, endurance test report, pre-spud report, individual rig equipment inspection reports as applicable, equipment testing reports, acceptance and closeout reports etc. 

Terms & Conditions

Company: US based Drilling Management company

Type : Consultant Role (Resident Based)

Duration : Long Term

Location : Gurgaon, India

  • Masters/ Bachelor degree in Engineering (preferably Petroleum/Mechanical) from a reputed institute.
  • 15+ years of experience handling Drilling operations including 5+ years of experience in exploration programs. 2-3 years of experience as well site drilling engineer.
  • Good knowledge of Well design & drilling engineering principles and best practices, Directional drilling, Mud engineering, Cementing, Well Construction operations, Well abandonment operations and critical Well construction equipment such as BOP, Wellhead & X-mas tree, Hoisting system, Cementing equipment, Mud pumps, Liner Hanger systems and other completion equipment etc.
  • Knowledge of Process safety related to drilling operations and proactive approach to managing HSE
  • Familiarity with various API standards and recommended practices, and industry best practices
  • Good working knowledge of the Open wells reporting system, Landmark Suite of software and Microsoft office applications
  • Strong leadership and people management skills with a good awareness of cultural sensitivities;
  • Excellent command of the English Language (demonstrated by verbal and written skills);