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Italy is a leading player in the global energy sector, known for its strong commitment to sustainability and innovation. As a result, the country’s energy industry is rapidly expanding, offering a wide range of job opportunities for talented professionals. Discover the exciting opportunities available in Italy’s energy sector and join us in shaping the future of energy in Italy.

Our energy jobs in Italy

Sviluppatore di Progetti/Project Developer, Italy

  • Permanent
  • Italy
  • April 29, 2024

Sintesi del Lavoro Stiamo cercando un Sviluppatore di Progetti (Project Developer) per conto di uno dei nostri migliori client, un’importante Azienda nel settore delle Energie Rinnovab...

Key energy sectors in Italy

Italy’s energy industry offers promising career opportunities for those looking for a dynamic and rewarding role within the energy sector. It consists of a diverse set of core functions that play a crucial role in ensuring the country’s energy security and sustainability. By joining the Italian energy industry, you can contribute to a sustainable and secure energy future.  

The renewable energy sector is particularly dynamic, with significant investments in solar, wind, and hydropower. As a leader in photovoltaic power generation and wind energy development, there are opportunities for professionals in engineering, project management, and technical roles. Hydropower also presents possibilities for those interested in utilising Italy’s abundant rivers and mountainous terrain for clean energy. 

Natural gas is a key component of Italy’s energy mix, providing various career opportunities in heating and power generation. As the country diversifies its supply sources and invests in infrastructure, there is a growing demand for skilled workers in this field. 

The electric power generation sector combines thermal, renewable, and nuclear energy sources. As Italy transitions to cleaner energy, energy professionals can find opportunities in reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency through innovation and modernization.  

Furthermore, Italy’s focus on modernising its energy infrastructure through smart grid technology opens roles in IT, data analysis, and engineering. These professionals play a key part in creating efficient, flexible, and resilient energy distribution systems. 

Emerging opportunities in Italy

Emerging opportunities in Italy’s energy sector focus on the expansion of renewable energy sources and advances in energy efficiencyThese industries below with strong potential will provide opportunities for growth and development in these industries.

Energy Storage

The increasing capacity of renewable energy sources drives demand for efficient energy storage solutions such as advanced battery technologies. This energy sector is becoming a key focus area for the energy industry.

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen energy is emerging as a clean alternative, and Italy is investing in hydrogen infrastructure and projects. This field holds potential for innovation and development. 

Smart Grid Technology

Modernising energy infrastructure through smart grid technology enhances flexibility, resilience, and efficiency in electricity distribution. This area of opportunity aligns with Italy's focus on sustainable energy systems.

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Green Transportation

Italy's shift towards green transportation includes the adoption of electric vehicles and alternative fuels. This presents avenues for innovation in sustainable mobility and infrastructure development.

The most in demand jobs in Italy

For the job market, the developing energy landscape in Italy offers exciting job positions.

Renewable Energy Engineers : With Italy’s focus on expanding its renewable energy capacity, engineers skilled in solar and wind technologies are in high demand. These professionals work on designing, developing, and implementing projects to harness energy from the sun , wind , and other renewable sources.

Energy Storage Specialists: As renewable energy sources become more widely used, the need for efficient energy storage solutions is growing. Specialists in this field are working to develop advanced batteries and other storage technologies to stabilize energy supplies and ensure a consistent flow of power.

Energy Efficiency Consultants: Italy’s commitment to reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency creates opportunities for consultants who can advise businesses and individuals on optimizing energy usage. These professionals assess energy needs and recommend cost-effective solutions to lower consumption and emissions.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Technicians: The shift towards green transportation has increased demand for technicians skilled in electric vehicle maintenance and repair. EV technicians work on a range of electric transportation options, including cars, buses, and scooters, supporting Italy’s transition to sustainable mobility.

The future of energy in Italy

The future of the energy sector in Italy holds great promise for energy professionals, especially in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. As Italy transitions towards a low-carbon future, there is a strong emphasis on boosting renewable power generation, particularly in solar and wind energy. With a high solar potential and increasing investments in offshore and onshore wind projects, opportunities abound for those interested in research, development, engineering, and project management roles in these areas. 

Despite past successes in renewable capacity additions, Italy faces challenges such as long permitting procedures, high administrative burdens, and regional disparities in renewable electricity generation. However, these obstacles also present opportunities for skilled professionals to work on streamlining the renewable energy value chain and ensuring smooth project delivery. 

Energy efficiency improvements are another area of focus, particularly in the building sector. With government initiatives like the “Super bonus 110%,” there is potential for job seekers to work on retrofitting existing buildings and improving energy usage. As Italy aims to reduce its reliance on natural gas in buildings, job opportunities in sustainable construction and green technologies will continue to grow. 

In summary, the future of the energy sector in Italy presents an exciting landscape for job seekers with opportunities in renewables, energy efficiency, and innovative technologies. As the country works towards its climate goals, there is potential for professionals to play a key role in shaping a sustainable energy future. 

How to apply through WTS Energy

At WTS Energy, we excel at connecting job seekers with exceptional opportunities in Italy’s evolving energy sector. With our extensive industry knowledge and expansive network, we expertly guide candidates and companies through the vibrant Italian energy job market, ensuring the perfect match for both. Apply today to one of our jobs, or send us your CV to 

Now it’s time to find your next job in Italy

At WTS Energy, we understand that each professional has unique needs and aspirations. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you to the most appropriate opportunities in Italy’s dynamic energy market. We provide comprehensive support and a full range of services to ensure a smooth transition into your new role, setting the stage for career growth in this vital field for global sustainability. 


In summary, Italy’s energy sector offers a wealth of opportunities driven by its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The country’s progressive approach to low-carbon initiatives and renewable energy sources fosters a thriving environment for energy professionals looking to make a difference in this rapidly changing industry. At WTS Energy, we are dedicated to guiding your career in this dynamic market and connecting you with impactful opportunities that align with your professional goals. Discover your future in Italy’s energy sector with us. 

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