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  • September 12, 2023
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Trader (Petroleum Light Distillates)

September 12, 2023

Job Description

Trader (Petroleum Products – Light Distillates)

Department: Petroleum Product Marketing

Business unit: Refining & Trading

Trade and sourcing of petroleum products(Light Distillates) for system balancing, physical cargoes hedging, storage and/or break bulking activities and opportunistic trading in achieving maximum profit in line with Company Group objectives. Evaluate, Analyze and provide views and recommendations on oil market trends, its dynamics and fundamentals, arbitrage, spreads, structural changes & issues with aim to support company’s trading activities and decision making.



Generate profits by taking trading positions through effective plan and implementation in line with the Global Book approach and ensuring minimal exposure to the market risk through in depth understanding of the market environment and dynamics.


Source products at the lowest possible cost by identifying alternative source of supply, effective timing of purchases, positive negotiations and a comprehensive market knowledge.

Plan & Strategies

Assist in developing a trading plan for products through comprehensive evaluation of opportunities for the sustenance and growth of company group business. Execute trading plan and strategy into deals/ transactions considering the current market and price behavior

Business / Market Intelligence

Plan strategic business intelligence through acclimatizing with locals and business culture, proactive and incisive assessment of key markets to highlight the potential opportunities, threats and means in securing potential growth and maximizing value.

Risk Management

Manage risks through hedging of physical cargoes for example paper swaps, options, future markets etc

Operational Excellence

Ensure all deals and transactions are properly concluded so that operational problems and financial exposures are limited based on sound and comprehensive understanding of terminal practices and limitations.

Data Management

Develop and update a systematic and comprehensive database of the related business information and financial performance of the trading department (with regard to market development, changes in the market conditions and updates on prevailing issues which directly and indirectly affect the business).

Relationship Management

Develop & plan effective counter party relationship management with key stakeholders (e.g. government authorities, key industry players and business institutions) by fostering relationship building and frequent engagements, promoting close communication with counterparties in capturing and maintain potential business.


Networking & Relationship Building

Foster & sustain effective working relationships and rapport with key internal and external stakeholders in keeping abreast with latest development to capture new business opportunities.

Good Governance

Enforce the implementation of applicable Company procedures and guidelines and affect the compliance to statutory and legislative requirements.

HSE Policies & Code of Conduct & Business Ethic (CoBE)

Adhere to the objectives and provisions of the company HSE policies and COBE.


Working Experience
Candidate must at least have working experience of at least 6 – 10 years with a strong background in marketing and trading activities

A degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Marketing or Engineering

Candidate preferably at a late 20s to mid-30s age and have the right temperament to carry & present him/herself competently.

Candidate must be polished, versatile, outgoing, bold, composed and high perseverance.

Business Savviness
Good knowledge of trading in the world products physical oil market with the capability to use various trading tools ie. swaps, options, futures and/or its combination

Cultural Adaptability
Arab & Africa culture emphasizes towards relationship and trust. Most information or insights are almost never obtained during working hours nor phone calls. Therefore, candidate must be agile and flexible in adapting to this.

Business Intelligence
Candidate must possess ability to extract and synthesize information seeking via unconventional ways (e.g. social events, coffee talks).

Creative & Critical Thinking
As the region is categorized under emerging market, lining up creative solutioning (e.g. Product packaging) to capture scarce opportunities will be vital.

Business Development
It is an advantage for the candidate to have BD experience either in capturing new markets/buyers, hunting for opportunities or involve in enterprise solutioning.

Public Relations & Protocol
Candidate must possess excellent PR skills, resourceful and able to adopt local protocols. Possess good interpersonal and communication skills and etiquette as interaction with international counterparts is a major part of this function.

Candidate can converse in Arabic (basic conversational)

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