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  • April 17, 2023
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  • Warri, , Nigeria
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This job is closed.

Technical Sales Engineer

April 17, 2023

Job Description

Sales Engineer

A Sales engineer is in the field of industrial range of fabrication production and services, is in the business of selling advanced scientific and technical products to businesses and organizations in very wide and yet, specialized aspects of Oil and Gas, Power and Industrial Solutions business.

Accordingly, the sales engineer envisions, design and sell new fabrication products that have been developed to improve processes, functionally, efficiently and effectively and thereby increase the clients’ output and profit.

The sales engineer in fabrication business will sell the solutions achievable by metal structures and components that are highly sought after in the manufacturing, construction, oil and gas and power industries. The sales engineer is the link between the need of a client and the fabrication workshop.

The inference hereby, is that the sales Engineer for our fabrication workshop is a key part of the sales team for the technically complex product or service from our an ultramodern metal fabrication workshop. It is a business-to-business sales, outfitting other companies with equipment and technology to improve their operations, optimize customer satisfaction and increase profits. By always being in the pursuit of customers to discuss how our products can fulfill the customer’s technical needs.

The sales engineer must understand the customer’s specifications and recommend the correct products. Sales Engineers develop materials to explain different aspects of a product and describe the benefits of making a purchase, for both the consumer and the sales team.

Presently, the fabrications workshop is fitted to fabricate different sizes of pressurized vessels for tanks, baths, gas. Skids, Heat exchangers, mechanical scrubbers, and several other fabrications used in oil and gas facilities, platforms and power installations; for which a sales engineer is needed to build the business and sustain the client base within Nigeria and beyond.


We are in the search for a sales engineer that can make us dominate in the market space for our products and services needed chiefly players in the Nigerian Oil, Gas Power and construction subsectors like International Oil Companies (IOCs), National Oil Companies (NOCs), conglomerates, private investors and government agencies playing in the subsectors of our interest.


Key Attributes And Competences

  • To be knowledgeable in the range of services and how to meet client/market needs– must be an expert in fabrications for oil, gas and power industries.
  • Reliable industry and technical background.
  • Excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail, critical and analytical thinking skills and skills for maintaining sales territory.
  • Willingness and ability to travel 10% to 70% of the time, depending on the position and sales role.
  • Creativity to approach sales and build customer relationships in groundbreaking new ways, for instance technical partner schemes where you fabricate certain
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Good experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales
  • Solid experience in the fabrications industry products.
  • Computer proficiency and the ability to accurately enter data and generate reports
  • Negotiation and social problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a high-stress sales environment and multitask
  • Good marketing skills and business sense
  • Ability to work and interface with a variety disciplines or others as a team
  • Ability to build client relationships easily
  • Analytical ability and great problem-solving skills
  • Presentation skills and ability to convey product value
  • Self-confidence to support persuasion and sales efforts

Specific Responsibilities

  • Present products or services in fabrication industry that would be beneficial to our client business
  • Plan detailed presentations that show clients your product info, pricing, and benefits
  • Develop products or program suggestions for clients and successfully sell them
  • Manage billing and delivery of solid products
  • Meet with clients at appointments for sales presentations
  • Follow up on solid products to ensure the customer is happy
  • Stay knowledgeable your field’s updates in science and research by continuing to read and study new data
  • Acquire new customers by winning them over from competitors and discovering new opportunities
  • To be directly involved in the product’s technological or scientific development process.

Minimum Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, but the advanced levels of experience and training within a company can be an added advantage or even replace the educational requirement; if hands-on proficiency or pragmatic capacity is clearly demonstrated.
  • Strong and relevant familiarity with the industry culture, procedures and customers.
  • Strong tendency for continuous training to keep knowledge of technical subjects up-to-date.
  • Strong instinct to sniff out contracts.
  • Dominant Grasp of Markets – to understand the market as much as they may understand our products.

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