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This job is closed.

Maintenance Planner-Mombasa

August 22, 2023

Job Description

Job Title: Maintenance Planner
Location : Bonje,Mombasa Kenya 

We are currently seeking a highly qualified Maintenance Planner with a strong background in manufacturing and project planning, to ensure availability, reliability and efficiency of plant, equipment, utilities and building facilities in terms of all Maintenance & Engineering functions for optimum operations. The ideal candidate MUST possess a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, or Mechatronic Engineering, with a focus on project planning from a reputable institution. Additionally, a minimum of 5 years of continuous experience as a maintenance/engineering planner in a manufacturing environment is required.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance Planning and Execution:

Handle all maintenance planning and execution functions in manufacturing plants, equipment, utilities, and facilities, ensuring compliance with ISO standards.
Oversee installation, commissioning, operations, and maintenance activities

  • Plant Operations and Process Improvement:

Establish, plan, and optimize plant operations, identifying and implementing process improvement initiatives and activities.
Lead innovation management efforts and direct initiatives to create value internally (operations efficiency/productivity) and externally with contractors/clients.

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency Monitoring:

Measure and monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of operational and maintenance processes.
Provide advice on areas of improvement both internally and externally.

  • Maintenance Efficiency Drivers:

Identify, plan, develop, recommend, and execute key maintenance efficiency drivers.
Support the establishment and optimization of day-to-day operational activities, including planning, directing, and overseeing maintenance operational policies, rules, and strategies.

  • Maintenance Procedures and Quality Management:

Develop and execute maintenance procedures and processes to support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Production Practices (GPP), and the quality management system.
Develop maintenance systems and strategies to drive a LEAN manufacturing and improvement culture, aiming to exceed customer expectations, reduce cycle time, and improve quality outcomes.

  • Quality and Preventive Maintenance:

Implement a proactive Quality by Design approach to all manufacturing and maintenance processes, services, and premises.
Implement preventive maintenance systems and controls throughout the value chain to avoid problems and variability.

  • Team Coordination and Development:

Train, supervise, and coordinate an effective maintenance team, working cross-functionally with all departments.
Implement tools, protocols, and reports to document maintenance activities thoroughly.

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency:

Ensure the availability, reliability, and efficiency of plant and equipment by focusing on overall equipment efficiency.
Develop cost-saving proposals, conduct maintenance and operational costing and efficiency analysis.

  • Preventive Maintenance and Scheduling:

Formulate and establish a preventive maintenance master plan for all plant, equipment, utilities, and systems.
Schedule, coordinate, and control all maintenance activities to ensure effective planning and execution.

  • Maintenance Procedures and Software:

Improve maintenance procedures and enhance the effectiveness of maintenance activities.
Establish standard operating procedures, documentation, and work instructions related to maintenance functions.
Utilize maintenance management software to optimize maintenance processes.

  • Equipment Reliability and Monitoring:

Reduce equipment breakdowns, extend equipment life span, and improve overall equipment efficiency.
Conduct routine checks and monitoring of equipment, track anomalies, and control process parameters accordingly.

  • Progressive Maintenance Outlook:

Foster a progressive outlook in the maintenance department, adopting the latest techniques and advancements in production and maintenance technology.
Strive to reduce or eliminate breakdowns and implement measures to keep pace with technology advancements.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be conversant with Maintenance/project planning, execution, coordinating and control in oil extraction or oil refinery process in terms of maintenance, repair and overhaul.
  • Holder of Bachelor of science in Mechanical, electrical/electronic engineering or mechatronic engineering with a bias in project planning from a reputable institution,
  • Over 5 years of sound continuous and detailed experience in manufacturing as a maintenance/engineering planner.
  • Conversant with planning tools, scheduling tools, root-cause analysis tools, condition monitoring tools, technical drawing/design, project monitoring/tracking tools, etc.
  • Conversant with Kaizen, Six sigma and lean manufacturing.

Key performance indicators (key result areas)

  • Preventive maintenance planning & execution
  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Leakage (power, hydraulic oil, air, water)
  • Safe operation (incidence free, no waste/reject)
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Maintenance & production costs
  • Equipment statutory compliance
  • Availability of Critical spares stock
  • Number of trainings, Skill inventory and team motivation
  • Employment of maintenance documentations and records


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