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  • Al Khobar
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  • June 13, 2024


Vinay Nalubala

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Construction Manager

June 13, 2024

Job Description

Construction Manager (PMC – oil & gas projects)


We are seeking for a PMC Construction Manager who will monitor and coordinate Engineer, Procure and Construct Contractor (EPC). 

This role will be also involved in construction planning and Constructability reviews during pre- feed, FEED and detail design stage and supervision and coordination of the PMC Technical team during construction and commissioning of the facilities.

As the PMC Construction Manager, you will collaborate closely with various stakeholders to ensure smooth project execution. With your keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills, you will ensure that all construction activities align with the established timeline and budget.

Your expertise in project management will be crucial in coordinating resources, resolving any issues that may arise, and delivering successful construction projects.



· To participate in Pre-feed, Feed & engineering detail stage supporting engineering in the construction matters, developing 3 models trough the constructability plan.

· As a site PMC Construction Management role you will be responsible for monitoring all EPC construction work.

· To ensure that the construction is in line with the project requirements (QA/QC & HSE)

· Coordinate with all parties on site on construction management matters.  This will include liaison with Client and EPC Contractor.

· Manage all technical queries and ensure these are closed-out.

· Liaise with the PMC home office team.

· Monitor all construction against the Project Construction Schedule & estimated cost.

· Ensure that all construction correspondence is via the proper PMC site management channels.

· Monitor all construction, inspection, testing mechanical completion and handover activities.

· Attendance and recording notes at meetings including:

· Client meetings.

· Vendor and EPC Contractor meetings.

· Review Vendor data (data books, specifications, drawings, calculations, reports, etc).

· Reviewing EPCC data:

· reports pertaining to job status

· As-Built”.

· Ensure that site records are produced and stored. This will include all site test and completion certificates.

· Manage the site team including site engineering and material control.

· Ensure quality construction standards and the use of proper construction techniques

During Pre-FEED and FEED stage

· Establish construction strategies and overall Construction Schedule

· Provide construction and constructability input to site development plan, plot plans, layouts, safety plan and Modularization studies

· Provide guidelines to design team for requirement of Temporary construction facilities for various EPC contracts in overall program based on available information at Pre-FEED stage.

· Assess resource requirements including labor, materials and equipment for construction activities

· Assist in development of contract packages for Early Work Packages, Temporary construction facilities, Pipelines, Plant process units

· Develop Project quality plan for Construction Contracts

· Technical Bid evaluations of EPC contracts wit respect to Construction

· Serve as the primary point of contact for client inquiries and updates related to construction activities.

During EPC Phase:

· Represent the owner’s interests for construction activities during the execution phase of a project.

· Participate in constructability review

· 3D model review from constructability aspects

· Review and approve Construction Plans, methodology and procedures of EPC and ensure alignment with project goals and contractual requirements

· Identify and address construction-related issues and conflicts in a timely manner.

· Collaborate with project teams to implement effective solutions and mitigate potential delays.

· Provide regular construction status updates and address client concerns or requests

· Facilitate dispute resolution processes, including mediation to resolve contractual disputes for construction

· Participate in audit to assess compliance with construction procedures, associated quality control procedures and safety requirements



· Minimum Bachelor Degree in Engineering or equivalent

· Proven working experience in construction management

· Advanced knowledge of construction management processes, means and methods

· Expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations and quality standards

· Familiarity with construction management software packages

· Competent in conflict and crisis management

· As Construction Manager in any major Oil or Gas Projects

· In construction of TCF Projects.

· Understanding of the engineering disciplines involved.

· Has knowledge of Indian, American, European and British codes.

· Has an awareness of project QA / QC Manual and HSSE requirements.

· Has dealt with time pressures and concentration levels to meet project requirements and deadlines.

· Has prepared weekly and monthly status reports.

· Will have a good knowledge of site engineering requirements associated with construction through to mechanical completion.

· Interfacing with international major EPC Contractors.

LOCATION: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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