Energy Transition: 5 Podcasts That You Can’t Miss

As the world is facing the fourth industrial revolution and shifting its attention towards renewable energy, companies and governments are searching for more opportunities to invest in green initiatives. This promising momentum is further pushed as the EU accelerates its plans to phase out its reliance on Russian gas due to the invasion of Ukraine.  

In the sea of hundreds of podcasts available to listen, we have compiled a list of top 5 Energy Transition podcasts, where industry leaders offer their knowledge without the hefty price tag of a conference keynote ticket. The energy transition is a dynamic and alluring topic with the possibility to create unique advantages and opportunities for people.  

Bi-monthly, two investment bankers – Gerard Reid and Laurent Segalen debate how the world of Energy is being redefined through innovations in technology, finance, different markets regulations and digitalization. The podcast is available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Speaker, Stitcher and YouTube. 

Gerard Reid is a co-founder of Alexa Capital and has spent over fifteen years working in investment banking (equity research, fund management and corporate finance) with a focus on both the energy transition and the digital energy revolution the sector is going through. Laurent Segalen is a Franco-British clean energy investment banker. He is the founder of Megawatt-X, the London-based Energy transition meta-platform, which he currently heads. Megawatt-X has listed more than 15GW of Wind and Solar transactions over the past 8 years. 

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This hour-long series involves executives and industry experts dedicated to raising awareness on various elements of the energy transition, as well as identifying investment opportunities for corporate and institutional investors. The podcast is created by RBS Capital Markets – a global bank that specializes in capital markets, banking and financial services. The podcast is one the many corporate podcasts the company offers. It is available on Spotify. 

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Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and for free on Player FM and on their own website. Hannon Armstrong is a US public company dedicated to investing in renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency. Their belief is that efficient technologies are more productive and lead to higher economic returns. Investing in in a carbon neutral future have other tangible environmental benefits such as reducing water consumption.  The podcast features candid conversations with the leaders, innovators, and changemakers driving our climate positive future. Hosted by Chad Reed, Gil Jenkins, and Hilary Langer. 

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The Renewable Energy podcast looks at trends, people and new technologies that are driving the energy transition. It is streamed on multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and many more. It is also available for free on their website. A work curated by Sean McMahon who is a director of content at SmartBrief in Portland, Oregon, US, his professional media expertise is centred around developing and deploying content-centric communications strategies across media platforms for SmartBrief. The company specializes in navigating the connections between media, industry, technology and policymaking in newsletters.  

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The Energy Gang podcast includes discussions about the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment. It is published by the Greentech Media, recently renamed to Wood Mackenzie Business. The consultancy group is also known as WoodMac. The Scottish based company supplies data, analytics and consultancy advice to the energy, chemicals, renewables, metals, and mining industries. The podcast is posted bi-monthly and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Player FM and for free on their website. 

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Hopefully this list helps readers and podcast listeners orient themselves better in the world of the energy transition. This big and exciting topic develops fast and people are noticing the benefits and opportunities it brings to the table more and more, thus making our future brighter and more secure.  

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