5 Years of Service!


WTS Energy is proud to award two valued recruiters for their 5 years of service!

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We asked Helen Ukandu & Omolara Mosuro some questions about their achievement. This is what they said:

Helen Ukandu
How did you start at WTS Energy? I joined WTS in April 2013 as a Senior Recruitment Consultant.

What have you enjoyed the most about working here? It is exciting to be part of a group of people that enhances client`s business by bringing in the right people and by so doing generating revenue for WTS Energy, Also the joy of knowing I play an active role in helping change people`s life for the better makes it the most rewarding Job combined with significant financial rewards. Being the recruitment champion in 2014 Q3 is a moment I enjoyed well too.
What goals are you still trying to achieve at WTS energy? Surpassing my recruitment targets and bring in new businesses.
What has been the greatest challenge so far? Like most sales positions I am faced with targets and the requirement of being able to deal with rejection from clients and candidates. This can make some days more challenging than others, but it’s also a great way to learn and develop new skills.

Omolara Mosuro
How did you start at WTS Energy? I started off as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant in 2012.
What have you enjoyed the most since working here? Working with WTS has been a fun filled experience as I enjoy the work environment, I work with great colleagues and the one office concept allows me easy access to information. I also work with a specialized skill pool that helped me grow as a recruiter. I enjoy working on various recruitment campaign projects both locally and internationally and get some fulfilment in being able to deliver the right candidates to client.
What goals are you still trying to achieve at WTS energy? Build a new customer base and bringing onboard more candidates year in year out.
What has been the greatest challenge so far? Recruitment nowadays is a bit complex, and with complexity comes challenges. Finding qualified candidates amongst dozens of applications from unqualified candidates wastes a lot of time. For this challenge, I rely on referrals and top candidate’s CV’s to address this. In addition, sometimes the best candidates for a job are likely already employed by other companies. Convincing the suitable candidate to come and work for you is also quite hard as they would most times demand higher salaries than what the client is willing to offer.

We look forward to what you both bring to the future of WTS Energy, Thank you both!

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