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  • Port Harcourt
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  • May 20, 2024


Helen Nnebuife Ukandu

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  • Nigeria
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This job is closed.

Permit To Work Coordinator

May 20, 2024

Job Description




  • Overall coordination of work permits of all PROJECT sites.
  • Prepare and publish Weekly PTW KPI
  • Develop and maintain a PTW database and issue Log of permits / Daily work schedule.
  • Ensure that PTW audits are done and the findings from the audits are timely and properly closed out.
  • Advised CSR on interfering or conflicting PTW.
  • Ensure that Project Construction activities are planned (through PTW issuance) and conducted in compliance with the applicable HSE rules and the safe operational working practices.
  • Ensure that SIMOPS constraints are respected.
  • Ensure that all activities are covered by a PTW.
  • Ensure that all required complementary permits are fully approved and attached to any work permit.
  • Ensure that all inhibitions and isolations where applicable are referenced and listed, and the spading plan if any attached to the permit.
  • Ensure coordination between PROJECT team, site management and contractors.
  • Participate in risk assessments and pre-job / kick-off meetings as required.
  • Collect and review all work permits prior to the daily work permit meeting with the objective to ensure the compliance with the work permit procedure.
  • Act as HSE Supervisor when required by the HSE Lead
  • Participate in the daily work permit coordination meeting.
  • Revise and issue the PTW log for RSES-D validation at the end of the coordination meeting,
  • Ensure all issued PTW are returned to PTW Office at the end of daily activities.
  • Ensure smooth permit opening session every morning considering operational priorities.
  • Visit working sites to follow-up progress of activities and to track any change in the environment not foreseen during the work permit preparation.
  • Prepare statistics, daily, weekly, monthly: number of PTW requested vs. opened (in total and by trade), number of PTW opened vs. number PTW requested, number of PTW by Type (HWNF, HWNNF, CWP, CSE…), etc.
  • Follow up PTW closure processes (for any reason, works suspended, continuation required, completion…)
  • Make sure that all test, controls, and checks have been done including tour and visual inspection on work area.
  • Inhibition/isolation removed or change in LTI (Long Term inhibition/Isolation)
  • Permit to work closure part signed by Operating and Performing Authorities
  • PTW and all document to be properly archived (for minimum of 1year)
  • Identify, with the support of the HSE authority, all precaution to be implemented and brief the permit requester about any issue requiring specific attention.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Project HSEQ Manager especially on Land Transport Safety.
  • Candidate will also have a valuable experience in planning and implementation of measures to reduce or eliminate all road transport incidents at site.
  • Candidate to act as Project focal point on all Land transport safety at site. o Candidate to ensure daily land transport safety statistics update


  • Familiarize self with TEPNG emergency procedures, conduct assigned responsibilities safely and report any incident, unsafe act, or operation.
  • Ensure all personnel under his/her supervision are well trained and aware of their HSE responsibilities with continuous monitoring.
  • To fully comply with office security, health, and safety instructions.
  • To stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings.
  • To report to Management on any issue they may face or observe and propose ways of improvement.
  • To take care of colleagues’ safety and behaviour without hesitating to intervene as much as necessary.
  • To give his/her own input and making sure the workplace is safe (clean and tidy)
  • To participate actively in anomaly reporting
  • Perform regular checks of the working locations and PTW audits.
  • To fully comply with Security rules about Travelling in Nigeria


  • Bachelor’s degree at minimum; Mechanical/Chemical/Civil Engineering; Environmental; Geological or Biological or Social Sciences; Occupational Health
  • Professional Experience (number of years):5
  • Experience within project: (number of years): 3


  • Port Harcourt

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