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Adeline Seiler

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First Engineer

June 4, 2024

Job Description

FIRST ENGINEER (with or without LNG certificates)

Location: offshore


Position Summary

  1. To maintain a safe engine room watch whilst the vessel is at sea, at anchor and in port in accordance with Company Policies, any National or International standards and any other prescribed regulations.
  2. Execution of safe and efficient performance of Main and Auxiliary engines.
  3. To lead safe operations of machinery and equipment, monitoring engine control systems in the Engine room.
  4. Execution of repair and maintenance work inside and outside of the Engine Room. Responsible for effectively and efficiently overseeing maintenance in accordance with Company Policies and in compliance with Public Health or any other prescribed regulations.
  5. Ensures proper coordination with different technical parties and departments.



  1. To act as the Chief Engineers representative during Engine Room watch, supervising ‘on watch’ team and ensuring that watches are carried out properly and orders followed. The 1st Engineer shall ensure that adequate rounds of the machinery and steering gear spaces are made for observing and reporting equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, performing and directing routine adjustments as necessary. During the watch adheres to emergency procedures and monitors technical equipment.
  2. Operates and maintains Main Engine and associated Auxiliary Engines.
  3. Executes maintenance, operation and repairs in the Engine Room.
  4. Responsible to know the handling characteristics of the vessel, including stopping distance. Has a full knowledge of every aspect of safety features of the vessel. Being fully conversant with the Company’s VMS.
  5. Ensures seaworthiness of the vessel in the Engine Department.
  6. Ensures sufficient stock of spare parts and consumables is on order and in the onboard system to cover planned and unplanned maintenance.
  7. Delegates work to Oilers and Wipers.
  8. Responsible to be familiar with the operation and location of all lifesaving, fire-fighting and pollution prevention equipment.
  9. Keeps log of all watch operations and conditions.
  10. Assists the lower-ranked Engine Officers in the familiarization of the Engine Room, Control Room and all associated equipment.
  11. Participates in the development of on board operational plans in accordance with all technical, legislative, safety and procedural specifications, to support the successful completion of maintenance periods and works closely with the Hotel Department on all maintenance issues, ensuring a minimal impact on the shipboard operation.
  12. Reports completed maintenance to the Chief Engineer and Staff Engineer for entry into the planned maintenance system.
  13. Routine pumping operations.
  14. Operates diesel generators, emergency diesel generator, emergency fire pump, purifiers and air compressors.
  15. Responsible for the care and maintenance of the fire fighting and safety equipment in the engine room, fire and watertight doors in the engine room.
  16. Responsible to carry out fuel and ballast operations as per Company procedures and to prevent pollution of the marine environment.


  1. Responsible to ensure that stability and stress conditions are maintained within safety limits at all times.
  2. Responsible for technical maintenance and repairs inside and outside of the Engine Room (to include but not limited to the following):
    1. Main propulsion machinery and associated machinery and equipment.
    2. Diesel generators and associated machinery and equipment.
    3. Thrusters.
    4. Stabilisers.
    5. Emergency diesel generator and related equipment.
    6. Lifeboat, tenders, rescue boat engines and associated equipment.
    7. Lifeboat, tenders, rescue boat winches, anchor windlass, associated machinery and equipment.
    8. Fire systems, associated machinery and equipment.
    9. Engine spare ventilation, dampers and associated machinery and equipment.
    10. Sea chest associated machinery and equipment.
    11. Steering and rudder machinery, whistles and bilge cleanliness.
    12. Fresh/sea water distribution services.
    13. Ship equipment; Machines are brought in engine work shop (with supervision of person in charge of equipment); all maintenance needs to be agreed with consent of Chief Engineer/Staff Engineer.
  3. Keeps the Chief Engineer and Staff Engineer promptly and fully informed of all problems, matters of significance, any issues that may compromise the ships safety and any deficiencies found in the machinery or equipment.
  4. Accountable for ensuring that Company, Public Health, National and International standards are maintained and meeting requirements. Reporting to the Chief Engineer any instances where the ship is unable or fails to comply.
  5. Responsible for making entries and maintaining a correct and up to date Engine log book, technical or waste related logbooks, including the Oil Record Book, Wastewaters discharge, Ozone Depleting Substances, Oil to Sea Interfaces, Marine Fuel Sulphur.
  6. Monitors subordinates working/rest hours and overtime. Maintaining 100% compliance with Company requirements as well as ILO/MLC.
  7. Executes strict practices to ensure that the engine room is operated in accordance with the following regulations and Company policies, during all prevailing circumstances and conditions:
    1. International Safety Management Code.
    2. ISPS Code.
    3. SOLAS.
    4. Code of Safe Working Practices.
    5. MARPOL.
    6. Pollution prevention.
    7. STCW.
    8. Oil Record Book.
    9. ILO/IMO/ITF/MLC 2006.
    10. Ballast Water Management.
    11. US CDC Vessel Sanitation Program.
    12. Merchant Shipping Legislation of the Bahamas.
  8. Leads, trains and develops subordinates ensuring effective reviews, feedback, coaching and performance management.
  9. Observes and enforces uniform and grooming standards according to Company policies.
  10. Practices good people management, maintaining proper conduct within the Engine department and other departments around the ship.
  11. All other duties as assigned.

Safety Duties:

  1. Participates in crew safety drills according to instructions.
  2. Must always comply with the Company’s safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures.
  3. Leads by example by taking care of Health and Safety of self and others.
  4. Ensures that all work equipment, personal protective equipment, chemicals and safety devices are being used correctly. Delivering training, guidance and supervision on how to use and maintain them where necessary.


  1. Valid STCW95 certification.
  2. Valid CoC A-III/2.
  3. Appropriate certification as required by regulations.
  4. Extensive experience in subordinate positions and on-board passenger ships in a similar role and preferable experience with Wartsila engines.
  5. Physically and medically fit.
  6. Moral integrity is required.
  7. Public Health, Sanitation and Environmental training courses are appreciated.
  8. Proficient in reading and understanding technical drawings and manuals.
  9. Alaska experience is a plus.
  10. It is recommended to have Public Health, Coast Guard and Port State Control experience.


Language requirements:

  1. Excellent fluent English (verbal, written and technical). English is the working and safety language on board. This also includes the ability to give and receive instructions in verbal and written forms and to effectively and efficiently engage with guests and crew members. Additional languages are considered beneficial.

Computer knowledge:

  1. Good working knowledge of AMOS and Microsoft applications.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

Required to stand, walk long distances, reaching and sitting. Repetitive motion of bending, going up and down stairs, climbing ladders. Lifting or pushing of up to 50lbs. The position requires overtime work and irregular schedules. Works in the Engine Control Room, Engine spaces with noise, light traffic, distracting environments.


  1. Vast knowledge of a multi outlet operation.
  2. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead, motivate and develop a culturally diverse work force.
  3. Punctual.
  4. Proactive approach to problem solving.
  5. Ability to be flexible, well organized, self managed and motivated.
  6. Ability to handle multiple demands, remain calm and effective under pressure and resolve issues quickly.
  7. Safe, professional and personal practices. Fully conversant with VMS and MLC requirements.
  8. Well-groomed and neat appearance.
  9. Ability to deliver a high standard of technical performance.



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