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Business opportunity manager downstream

September 4, 2023

Job Description

Job Title:   Business Opportunity Manager

Position No.:   57027, 57028, 57029, 5730

Reports to:    Manager, Business Development Directorate / Dept.:   Commercial & Business Development Primary Purpose of the Job

Responsible for identifying and developing the business strategies and business objectives in relation to all COMPANY business areas across the Oil & Gas value chain. Lead and manage the identification, screenings, evaluations and negotiations of new business opportunities. Lead and manage the negotiations of all transaction and commercial agreements, including renewals, in the context of partnerships, M&A, divestments and restructuring projects. Provide business lead and advice to safeguard the interest of COMPANY/State of Qatar (SoQ) while representing in EPSA/DPSA, JVA, national & international ventures, committees and business forums.

Job Dimensions

Number of Staff SupeNised:

Direct Reports:

Pool of 6 specialists


Pool of 6 specialists

Financial Data:

Capex I Opex I Contracts

Upto 20 Billion USO

Principal Accountabilities

  1.    Strategies and Objectives: Lead the formulation of COMPANY’s long and mid term upstream and downstream business strategies including LNG, GTLs, etc. through careful analysis, monitoring and reporting of global business fundamentals, country/political scenarios, market trends, innovations, financial, economics and regulatory developments. Define the business objectives for the operated and non operated COMPANY assets in alignment with corporate strategy guidelines and the developed business strategy to achieve sustained superior returns to COMPANY and the State.
  2.    Business Opportunities Developments & Evaluations (including M&As): Lead and manage the processes and activities related to the identification of top profile business opportunities by performing analysis & screenings, undertaking business studies and upstream contract biddings. Perform business evaluations and prioritization, negotiations and project developments related to (i) existing and new business opportunities, (ii) existing and new partnerships, (iii) business ventures and

/or and (iv) M&A & divestment opportunities across the entire value chain of upstream and downstream globally to align and progress on strategies and objectives.

  1. Proposals Evaluations: Lead and manage the activities relating to the review and

evaluations of proposals and studies related to upstream and downstream businesses as received from IOCs, NOCs, asset holders, affiliates, partners and other parties globally to evaluate and advise the COMPANY management on the overall fitness.

  1. Business and Commercial Agreements: Lead and manage all the activities related to the commercial and transaction structuring, development, drafting, negotiations of all commercial agreements with respect to new and existing upstream and

Job Description

downstream ventures/ projects including EPSA, DPSA, DFA, JVA, HoA, MoU, etc. and its renewals and amendments in order to best safeguard the long term interests of COMPANY and the State.

  1.    M&A, Restructuring and Divestments: Lead and manage M&A, restructuring and divestments projects by defining the commercial structuring, leading the commercial negotiations and managing the development, implementation and final execution of the transactions to best safeguard the long term interests of COMPANY and the State of Qatar.
  2.    Business activities/resources: Lead and manage the development of resources and information related to overall Oil & Gas value chain including LNGs, GTLs, risk assessment & management, markets, partners, portfolio review actions, etc. in order to guide the business and commercial developments.
  3. Preparation of Budget: Lead and support BD in the preparation of the Directorate’s annual budget and AFE’s and in preparing monthly budget monitoring reports.
  4.    Business Plan: Support and coordinate with other COMPANY departments in the preparation of medium and long-term business plans and its yearly review/update.
  5.    Coordination and cooperation: Maintain an extensive and excellent network of contacts with key players and decision makers in upstream and downstream industry to assert influence, keep abreast of key developments & opportunities and assess evolving business risks & threats. Also, coordinate, support and cooperate with other departments and directorates of COMPANY as required by management, policies, procedures and audits.

I0. Board/Management Committees and International forums: On request from COMPANY senior management, act as COMPANY’s representative, provide reliable, accurate and timely business lead and advice to safeguard the interest of COMPANY/State of Qatar while representing in EPSA/DPSA, Ventures, Committees and/or forums.

Decision Making Authority

    • Responsible for recommending to BD and executing the global upstream and downstream business strategies and defining objectives of all COMPANY assets.
    • Responsible for global opportunity identification, business development, bidding of oil & gas fields, evaluations including evaluations of business partnerships, proposals and for providing prioritization/recommendations.
    • Responsible for negotiation of all business, commercial and fiscal agreements, recommendation for execution and its amendment and renewals.
    • Responsible for recommending and leading the M&A, restructuring and divestments projects.
    •    Responsible for recommending the business & commercial perspective and portfolio actions to maximize long term value for COMPANY.

Job Description

Context I Special Features I Challenges

    • This position has a significant economic impact on the COMPANY and State of Qatar’s revenues. Therefore, the incumbent must be able to develop, recommend and lead all business activities talcing into consideration the COMPANY’s vision, strategies, business environment, geo-politics and market dynamics and develop solutions that are fit for purposes, maximise and provides sustainable superior returns to COMPANY/State of Qatar and address the needs and requirements of all parties, including COMPANY’s partners.
    • The incumbent leads and manages the commercial structures, evaluations and negotiations of multibillion dollar upstream and downstream ventures / projects and M&A’s and divestments. As such, he must possess the ability to develop and define a robust and reliable structure, analysis and plans for each opportunity that takes into consideration all facts, complexities, regulations and benchmarks to protect the interest of COMPANY / SoQ.

Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience

    • Bachelor/Masters in Engineering, preferably in Petroleum or Chemical. MBA is a plus.
    • Minimum 15 years work experience in Oil & Gas industry within reputed NOCs / IOCs of which 10 years directly in business development, evaluations, M&As and negotiations. Excellent knowledge of upstream and downstream complexities including risks, markets, commercials, financials and economics.
    • Excellent negotiation skills, diplomacy and general management profile with high degree of integrity, confidence and independence.
    • Strong leadership, organizational abilities, communications skills and multicultural team spirits.
    • Excellent English language (written & verbal) is a must and Arabic is a plus.

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