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Our recruitment services

In today’s competitive market, securing top talent with specialized expertise is crucial for project success. At WTS Energy we provide global recruitment services, we streamline the talent acquisition process to avoid project delays and reduce costs.

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Direct Hire

Stay compliant, avoid fines. Navigate labor laws globally with our expert EOR services.

Executive Search/Headhunting

Specializing in finding senior-level executives with specialized expertise.
A professional walking through an airport with luggage, illustrating the global reach and responsibilities of an employer of record service.

Employer of Record

Managing employment responsibilities, ensuring compliance and payroll.
Construction workers in safety gear, emphasizing the hiring of local talent and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Local Content

Maximized local involvement, regulatory compliance, and sustainable community benefits.

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Ensuring smooth integration of new hires into your organization.
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Talent Consulting

Offering strategic advice on workforce planning and talent management.

How our recruitment services work

Fromt our initial contact to a fully compliant legal entity in your country of choice

No need to limit your growth

We can assure a compliant legal entity for your business to grow in the country of your choice.

Consultation and Needs Assesments

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs in the energy sector, including project scopes and workforce requirements, then assess your staffing and regulatory needs, analyzing necessary skills and certifications.

Custom Solution Development 

Based on the initial consultation and needs assessment, we develop a tailored staffing solution. This includes:

  • Straightforward Recruitment Process: We rigorously evaluate potential candidates to ensure the best fit for your openings.
  • Market Research & Talent Mapping: We provide compensation and salary guidance through extensive market research, talent mapping, and rate benchmarking for both permanent and contract workers.
  • Reference check and proper guarantee search

Implementation & Integration

We oversee staff deployment and ensure seamless integration into your operations. Our team manages logistics, from mobilization to onsite setup, ensuring every member is ready to contribute immediately.

Ongoing Support & Adaptation

Once our staff is integrated, we provide continuous support and monitoring to ensure optimal performance. This includes regular check-ins, performance reviews, and adaptive strategies to respond to any changes in your project or the broader industry landscape.

Feedback and Improvement 

We actively seek and incorporate your feedback to refine our services continuously. This collaborative approach ensures mutual growth and enhanced capabilities through shared success.
“The most rewarding thing about my job is experiencing the transition people make when they’re happy with the work they do.”

Mihaela Sarlea

Head of Recruitment

The industries we specialize in

WTS Energy stands out for its industry expertise and global reach. Our professionals have extensive experience in the energy sector, making us uniquely equipped to handle the specific challenges of hiring and managing a global workforce. We provide: 

Oil and Gas

Specialized recruitment for exploration, production, and operational roles in global oil and gas sectors.

Renewable energy

Providing skilled personnel for solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects worldwide


 Expert recruitment solutions for production, maintenance, and management in the manufacturing industry.


Connecting top talent with engineering and construction projects in critical infrastructure development.

Information Technology (IT)

Recruiting technology experts for software development, cybersecurity, and digital transformation initiatives.


We support maritime companies by delivering comprehensive recruitment services tailored to the unique needs of the maritime industry, from operational roles to executive management.

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How we ensure we find
the best talent for you

We use award winning tools to assure you the best staff for your projects, the WTS Recruitment Team will ensure that the most qualified and experienced candidates are sourced from within the referenced labour market.

Award Winning
Recruitment CRM

Stay compliant, avoid fines. Navigate labor laws globally with our expert EOR services.

Corporate website advertising

By promoting opportunities on our corporate website, we attract candidates who are actively seeking new roles and align with our company’s values and culture.
Two smiling professionals having a discussion in front of a laptop, with a chart showing incoming candidate statistics in the foreground.

Job Boards

We utilize multiple job boards to cast a wider net, attracting a diverse range of candidates with varying skill sets.
A construction worker in a safety vest and hard hat talking on a phone, with a job application interface displayed nearby.

Social Media Platforms

Leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn we target candidates both in specific countries and those already working abroad.
Construction workers in safety gear working at a site, with a LinkedIn icon indicating social media hiring.A diverse group of construction workers in safety vests and helmets, with a caption highlighting 15 employees hired.

Email Campaigns

Personalized email campaigns engage potential candidates, keeping them informed about new opportunities and our recruitment process.
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What they say

Why businesses love WTS Energy

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WTS Energy has been engaged to provide technical headhunt services for our company. WTS Energy provided a high level of service, and they handled the full engineering scope for us.

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WTS Energy has been engaged to provide technical headhunt services for our company. WTS Energy provided a high level of service, and they handled the full engineering scope for us.

Logo of GPK Marine Management Services Group, featuring stylized blue waves and the company’s name in bold blue letters.

Their global reach, their capabilities towards sourcing, speedy delivery and their active commitment to positive relations with both us and the workforces, makes them our preferred manpower provider and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Logo of DNO, a company established in 1971, featuring bold blue letters “DNO” with a red border.

The professional personnel at WTS Energy did not just provide consultants, recruitment, and outsourcing services with high ethical standards in a challenging environment. They consistently demonstrated a genuine interest in adding value to our business.

Why businesses choose us

Discover why we’re the top choice for recruitment services. Our comparison table showcases our unmatched support, compliance, and efficiency.

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Tailored solutions

How we ensure we place
the best fit for your company

We know that safety is at the center of the industry and the people that are part of it should be apt for ensuring a sound and fair environment within it. At WTS Energy, we take extra steps to make sure we provide you with compliant and ready-to-work talent. We leverage on technical skilled recruiters to make sure we target, screen and select the best.

The right people at the right time

We can assure a compliant legal entity for your business to grow in the country of your choice.

CV Skills Matching

We meticulously match CV skills to job requirements, including verifying HSSE awareness and appropriate training/certification, to ensure candidates meet the highest standards.

CV Verification

We verify employment dates, reasons for leaving previous employers, and other critical details to ensure the integrity of candidate information.

Location Preferences and Relocation Ability

We establish candidates’ preferred locations and their willingness and ability to relocate, ensuring alignment with job requirements.

Review of Relevant Experience

We thoroughly review candidates’ relevant experience to ensure they possess the necessary skills and background for the role.

Availability, Eligibility, and Rate Expectations

We confirm candidates’ availability, eligibility to work, and rate expectations to ensure they meet both legal and financial criteria.

Key Motivational Drivers

We explore the key motivational drivers behind candidates leaving their current contracts or employment to ensure they align with the new opportunity.

Commitment Confirmation

We confirm candidates’ commitment to the requirements and responsibilities of the role, ensuring a dedicated and engaged workforce.

Recruitment to help you grow

Hiring the right people can be difficult. Our personalised recruitment services can help you get started hassle free.

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Do you have questions?

What types of recruitment services does WTS Energy offer?

WTS Energy provides a comprehensive range of recruitment services tailored to meet the specific needs of the energy sector and other industries. Our recruitment services includ direct hire, executive search, employer of record, payroll, onboarding and talent consulting.

  • Direct hire: Connecting you with top-tier permanent talent.
  • Executive search: Specializing in finding senior-level executives with specialized expertise.
  • Employer of Record: Managing employment responsibilities, ensuring compliance and payroll.
  • Payroll: Efficiently handling payroll processing and management.
  • Onboarding: Ensuring smooth integration of new hires into your organization.
  • Talent consulting: Offering strategic advice on workforce planning and talent management.

With our recruitment services, we help you avoid project delays and reduce costs by securing top talent.

Our recruitment services employ personalized and technology-driven strategies to find the best talent. After understanding your needs through detailed consultation, we use methods such as:

  • Applicant tracking systems to streamline candidate management.
  • Corporate website and job board advertising to reach a broad audience.
  • Digital marketing and social media campaigns to attract top talent.
  • Email and video campaigns to engage potential candidates.
  • Industry-specialized recruiters: Our recruiters often have direct experience in the energy sector, ensuring a deep understanding of your needs.


Our recruitment services ensure that we connect you with candidates who are not only qualified but also a perfect fit for your organization.

To ensure our recruitment services provide compliant and ready-to-work talent, we use a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • Online screening to verify qualifications and experience.
  • Psychometric and aptitude testing to assess candidates’ mental and skill capabilities.
  • Behavioral screening to evaluate candidates’ fit within your company culture.
  • Safety awareness checks to ensure adherence to industry safety standards.
  • Verification processes including right to work, criminal record, employment, residency, and identity checks.
  • Skills competence screening to confirm technical abilities.


Our thorough screening methods in our recruitment services ensure that you receive top-quality candidates who are well-suited for your projects.

WTS Energy serves a diverse range of industries with our specialized recruitment services, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • IT

Our expertise across these industries allows us to provide recruitment services that align with your project requirements and industry standards, ensuring we meet the specific talent needs of each sector.

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