You want to Outsource?

WTS International

Learn more about how we support Local Content Development, handle Capital Projects & Project Outsourcing and provide our Global Workforce Management Services.

How to source

Capital Projects

Complex engineering and technology projects are booming all around the world.

Corporations and public sector allocate large sums of resources in order to build and maintain capital assets, such as infrastructure, telecommunications, water plants vessels, solar power stations, wind farms etc. Often, by mobilising Western staff and overlooking local knowledge and experience. 

WTS International has a strong focus on Local Content Development which in the end supports local communities and knowledge development.

Can we reduce costs?

Project Outsourcing

Driven by cost pressures and by increased project complexity, corporations and governments often need to manage a variety of specialized subcontractors.

These large capital investment projects call for large groups of highly skilled labour, intricate planning and coordination of multiple disciplines.

We Need a Project Partner

WOrkforce Management

WTS International delivers major capital projects as prime or sole workforce manager supplier. We partner with clients in their key projects where large groups of people need to be managed, particularly in Africa and emerging markets. 

Our services are designed for: 

You want to optimise your workforce?

Leveraging on higher competency

With a large percentage of costs in capital projects attributable to labour, and our unique focus in optimising the overall performance and productivity of workers in a competent and policy-compliant manner, the increase in labour efficiency yields substantial cost savings for our customers.