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WTS Energy recruiting top Welders and Welding Engineers

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Belgrade, Serbia and Bucharest Romania – June 2016

WTS Energy recruiting top Welders and Welding Engineers from Central Europe. In Central Europe, Serbia and also in Romania there is a long history of excellence in Metal Fabrication and Welding.

For WTS Energy’s Clients in the Middle East and Africa, top welding Technicians and Engineers are required to create teams of excellence in fabrication.

WTS Energy partnered with the Welding Institute in Belgrade Serbia to test and recruit top welding talent from the region. After the Serbia campaign, a similar campaign took place in Romania to find the best Welding experts for the projects.

In today’s connected and international world the skill pool for many technical & engineering jobs is completely global and WTS is proud to be part of getting the right skills to the right projects around the world.


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