WTS Energy Wins Tender For 3 Feasibility Studies

Photovoltaic Feasibility Study

WTS Energy has now broadened their scope to bring in feasibility studies, technical analyses and due diligence reports to their service line.

Through these, the viability of wind farms and photovoltaic plants is analyzed. Moreover, we can assess the future state of the plants and provide accompanying technical recommendations.

For the tender won, WTS Energy’s feasibility study report for a photovoltaic plant will be delivering:

An authorization review of the project and overview of the legal aspects. 

Next, an energy analysis of the area. Pluss, a thorough assessment of the photovoltaic plant’s impact on the national and system’s grid.

A detailed description of cost estimation for the connection solution variants, with a description of the maximum efficiency technical solution. 

Finally, an overview of the Return on Investment, alongside final considerations and practical advice.

The overall goal of feasibility studies is to determine whether the project is buildable and financeable. The end state of the report will provide a complete, basic structure to build an efficient and reliable power system, with minimum risk and uncertainty.

This technical service is key in the elaboration and conception phases of a project, and WTS Energy offers it at the best opportunity cost for projects worldwide.

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