Graduate Program

WTS Energy Graduate Program – Talent Acquisition Trainee
Published on: 07/27/21

Den Haag
Job Description

Hey there, future colleague!

We are WTS Energy, a leading service provider in the Energy Industry. It sounds a bit boring, but it is not! As part of this industry, you get to be at the frontline of the Energy Transition and push the rise of renewables. Also, you get to support projects that make the still-important old-school energy practices more socially and environmentally friendly. Our industry is moving by leaps and bounds- we'd love for you to be a part of this journey! Do you have what it takes? 

First, a brief foreword about our Talent Acquisition Graduate Program

The WTS Energy Graduate Program allows you to experience the different dimensions of the Recruitment Organizational Model. Supported by a mentor and in combination with structured training, you will receive the tools and guidance to lead and grow your career path in our company – and there is plenty of room for growth! This program focuses on the International Recruitment field, with a specific focus on the European Market. 


As our Talent Acquisition Trainee, you must be results-oriented and agile. You need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and never step away from a challenge. Do you also happen to be a people person (spoiler alert: you will be talking to many clients and managing loads of interviews) and enjoy the rush of working in a fast-paced department? Then this might be the place for you!

"As the Talent Acquisition Trainee, what will I spend my days doing?"

Well, we've outlined the core, expected responsibilities below. But if there is anything you should be aware of from the get-go is that at WTS, it is best to expect the unexpected. No matter your job title, your work with us will be very dynamic. You will get to pitch in for projects from other departments and across several regions – did we already mention we count with teams in 8 countries? 

-Lead the recruitment process for vacancies from start to finish. Meaning: 

a) Drafting and posting the vacancies on career websites and portals,

b) Sourcing candidates via social media and internal databases

c) Using your best judgment and gut instinct to screen and evaluate resumes

d) Conducting interviews (online and offline, where possible),

e) Shortlisting your preferred choices, 

f) Preparing the candidates' onboarding programs and issuing all necessary paperwork for hiring. 


-Also, you will stay in close touch with our directors, managers, and clients during the whole process to ensure our recruitment service meets all the desired job requirements and exceeds expectations.

-This should not be too hard as long as you don't mind doing some light admin work and keep clear records of the interviews conducted, the candidates shortlisted, and ultimately, a list of the new hires. 

-Lastly, you will often group with our international hiring team to stay up-to-date on the latest recruiting methods and continue polishing our screening and interviewing practices.  

"And in exchange for all that, what do I get in return?"

A competitive remuneration is a given. The real value of working with us lies beyond that.

And, if you have an eye for detail, you might have already spotted two of our best qualities: 1) we are an extremely dynamic company, and 2) we are an international team, spread across several regions, working with international clients. 

Let us expand on these two points a little more.

A dynamic work environment does not only mean that you get to try your hand at different skills and support other departments. More than that, it means that your team and superiors will trust you from the get-go, allowing you to manage a great deal of responsibility from the start. You are more than encouraged to put your initiatives on the table and run through with them. 

Moreover, WTS typically steers away from the monotony and embraces change and innovation. We invest a lot of our work in sustainability, digitalization, electrification, and the Energy Transition. In the process of doing so, we end up frequently engaging, collaborating, and partnering with different companies inside and outside the Energy Industry. For you and your career path, this means countless opportunities to expand your network, play a role in strategic discussions, and get immersed in an environment where you'll be continuously learning about various fields and practices. 

Working with an international company means having multiple opportunities to work at our other offices and get to explore different cities while doing so. Already among our team at The Hague, you will meet people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, so you might catch yourself picking up fun facts from several countries over lunch with colleagues.

"Sounds interesting! Any requirements I should look out for?"

Yes, just a couple. 

-We are essentially looking for an undergraduate or graduate with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, or International Business. 

-You need to be eligible to work in the EU full-time. 

-You are fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. Fluency in Dutch, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian or Polish is also cool. 

-You have ease with writing (we want killer job descriptions) and public speaking.

-You are ambitious.

-You can seamlessly work in a team but also take charge and ownership of your independent responsibilities. 

-You are open to feedback and are also able to deliver feedback. 

-You are a fast learner and self-sufficient. 

Application Procedure

Were the above requirements all yeses for you? 

Submit your CV below! A motivation letter is always welcomed but not a requirement. After submitting, give us two weeks to get back to you with feedback on the potential next steps. 

We look forward to getting to know you. Best of luck!