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Work Pack Writer ( Mechanical, Electrical and I&C )
Published on: 07/30/21

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description

For our client, a major maintenance Company, we are looking for candidates for work pack production (both for outage and year round maintenance) in a nuclear power plant in UAE.



  1. Walk down the systems, check the physical layout and correctness of components. Some will need to be experienced radiation workers.
  2. Identify ancillary support systems (scaffolding, lagging, heat treatment, spares, tooling, NDT) required to complete the work.
  3. Identify the relevant procedures and safety documentation to include in the work pack
  4. Generate work pack documentation for upload to SAP
  5. Resolve Technical queries with system engineers
  6. Get all the necessary sign offs
  7. Support upload to SAP is a plus


Experience in nuclear power plant

Experience in maintenance and outage work-pack production

a) An understanding of operating plant modes and the effect that these have as to when an 

activity can be performed as it will influence the package preparation. Thus an understanding of Operating Specifications and be able to relate them to equipment downtime and equipment unavailability.

b) Familiar with Human Performance (HuP) tools application in industry and BNPP.

c) Understanding of the applicable HuP associated with the intervention and inclusion of the 

appropriate HuP Technical work instructions to support execution of event free maintenance.

d) Reformatting of existing maintenance work instructions, if required, in accordance with 

Nawah’s Maintenance Procedures.

e) Developing, compilation and updating of procedures and or work instructions, should it be 


f) Alignment with the required, and latest edition of the maintenance procedures.

g) International Operating Experience (OE) to be included.

h) Environmental considerations and the impact of spillages.

i) Safety requirements relating to Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

j) Risk Assessment of the task being performed.

k) Support activities, which may include amongst others, scaffolding erection, insulation removal, rigging support, surface preparation, and painting.

l) Tag-out/Lock-out requirements and plant isolations.