Drilling Engineering and Management & Well Services

Well Services Supervisor
Published on: 08/3/20

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Job Description

Job Dimensions

·  Guarantee the accomplishment of the drilling and/or completion and/or work-over operations, in compliance with codes of practice, safety and environmental protection, all while optimizing costs and lead times

·  Ensure the suitability to operational requirements of personnel, equipment, and services.



·  Slickline / Wireline & Wellhead maintenance.

·  Gas lift operations on daily basis.

·  Multiple operations to follow up & carry on with a lot of logistic constraints.

·  Various operations to conduct with extensive range of tools & types of completions.

·  High level of requirement & skills towards safety during operations.

·  Extensive knowledge is necessary to keep Mentoring the teams.

·  Concerns about environment is approached seriously in all aspect of the operations.


Minimum Requirements, Qualification & other Skills

·     10 years in industry

·     Experience as slickline Chief Operator (>5 years)

·     University degree in technical domain

·     Certifications : IWCF Level 4 Well Intervention

·     Languages : English mandatory

·     Extensive knowledge in Completions & Well Services operations

·     Well productivity oriented

·     Safety awareness in all aspect of the work

·     Respect to environment

·     Logistics & planning skills

·     Good communication in multicultural environment

·     Effective team working ability