Well Performance Engineer
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Job Description


Leading of Well Performance activities (WPG) to ensure all wells are producing at their potential:

·     Keep a close contact with Production operations to follow up on the day to day wells behaviour (by using PI and instability applications) and the implementation of necessary adjustments

·     Update of all well performance tools team (wells-board, monthly potential, Prosper and GAP models).

Monitor performance of the well production:

·     Follow-up and optimization of wells tests (frequency, accuracy, modification material, review of methods)

·     Validation of wells tests, prognosis of wells potentials using the well model Prosper from well tests and definition of the monthly field potential with reservoir team.

Perform advance well diagnosis:

·     Follow-up on actual wells production or injection, identifying well production shortfalls, analysing their origins.

Consolidate well intervention requests:

·     Co-ordination with Reservoir, Drilling/Completion and Field Operations multi-disciplinary expertise to propose curative actions. Quantify expected benefits

·     Establish a scope of requirements prior to any well completion or re-completion.

Quantifying the curative actions efficiency (Post-mortem analysis)

Customized determination, well by well, of the production strategy

·     Participation to all well performance projects (ESP pump, stimulation campaign, water shut-off, DOWS)

·     Artificial lift management: choice and sizing of the solutions, establishment of optimum working parameters including gas allocation to comply with the overall production/injection strategy defined by Reservoir, outflow optimisation/modification for new wells or wells to be worked-over.

Organize the wells performance weekly meetings, well performance monthly meeting involving Management and write the minutes and participation to the DO meetings

Regular communications with the Well Performance Engineering department (FP) in head office for technical and expertise support (KPI, technical subjects). Participation for presentation in the different local conferences (ADIPEC, ADNOC workshop/conferences).



To ensure that all production and injection wells are working at their potential. It includes well performance monitoring on a regular basis, comparison prognosed / simulated versus actual delivery, diagnosis of the dysfunctions, consolidation of the proposals for curative actions with Drilling/completion and Reservoir, quantifying the curative actions efficiency.



·     Overall Experience: minimum 10 years

·     Engineering Degree. Should know the fundamentals of Well Performance which are Drilling and Completion, Reservoir and Field operations. Knowledge of inflow/outflow.

·     Previous operational experience in reservoir, completion and stimulation or production or has been specifically trained within the Well performance Engineering department in head office

·     Good overview of the different parameters affecting the performance of a well (from reservoir to surface production considerations)

·     Efficient communication, able to lead transversally towards ambitious goals, ability to be innovative in his approach and always try to propose solution to optimize production.