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Site Contracts Manager

Published on: 12/12/22

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Site Contracts Manager Job Description

For one of our clients, a global player specialized in the construction of complex infrastructure, we are looking for a Contract Manager to work in Bucharest.

In general, the Site Contract Manager’s duties include:

1. Production of contractual correspondence, contractual notices, and provision of contractual advice and support to the Project Manager and Department Heads on a routine basis.

2. Preparation of Contractor’s Monthly Statement (including organizing the records and measurement).

3. Identification and pricing of Variations/OS (including Construction v Tender Drawing change review or revision of Employer’s Requirements, as applicable)

4. Identification and Extension of Time and Money Claims and formulation and quantification of requests.

5. Preparation and agreement of the Final Measurement/Account incl. statement at completion and final statement.

6. Requests for Engineer/Employer’s Decision/Determinations/DB submissions (to be made with HO approval only).

7. Requests for Taking-Over Certificates for parts and the whole of the Works.

8. Administration of Subcontractors and Major Equipment Suppliers (monthly valuation, liabilities, contra charges, counter claims, progress monitoring and relations).

9. Program/Progress monitoring (incl. ensuring maintenance of planned v actual program routinely).

10. Organization of site document filing system according to HO guidelines.

11. In conjunction with Works Manager ensuring suitable site records of resources and production are maintained. This also includes the routine review of the site records themselves.

12. Maintenance of Instruction Register.

13. Maintaining good working relations with Employer and Engineer.

14. Relations with other Contractors.

15. Monthly report to Branch/HO Office.