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Shipping and Customs Officer

Published on: 12/12/22

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Shipping and Customs Officer Job Description

The officer executes the activities within his area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements; 

Tasks include:

▪ Prepare the Projects /operations specific procedures for Shipping, Customs and packaging of Projects/operations materials

▪ Prepare the technical enquiry package for Shipping and Customs services

▪ Plan the Shipping and Customs activities with Project Material Manager and Expediting Department in case of Projects / operations material

▪ Plan the Shipping and Customs activities with Asset Management in case of Asset material

▪ Coordinate the Suppliers (Forwarders and/or Customs agents) with regard to the management of the transport of the goods, in accordance with the Transport Service Contract Documents

▪ Manage / prepare the documents required to the execution of the Shipping and Customs activities, such as import, export and transit of materials in accordance with Customs, port requirements and procedures

▪ Ensure that necessary studies for abnormal cargoes, such as method statement, drawings, transport procedures, are available and distributed according to Projects / operations requirements

▪ Prepare shipping documents using software tools

▪ Provide Shipping and Customs reports in accordance with Projects / operations requirements

▪ Keep constantly up to date the budget of the Shipping and Customs service agreements

▪ Use SAP for the management of Shipping and Customs activities and ensure timely updating

▪ Prepare the Service Entry Sheet in accordance with Transport Service Contract Documents

▪ Ensure the retrievable archive of Shipping and Customs documents

▪ Support the material purchasing department to manage Shipping and Customs issues (choice of the INCOTERMS, etc.)

▪ Provide feedback information using software tools on Suppliers performances (Forwarders and/or Customs agents) 

▪Be discreet in managing information and tactful / polite in interpersonal relationships.

▪Fully adheres and respects to the Company internal procedures and regulations.

▪The employee must strictly observe all the internal HSE specific procedures, as well as those issued by the building administration.

▪Employees tasks are not limited to the ones described above and could be extended as per Employer discretion and depending on the company business even though in full compliance with Romanian labor law and within the sphere of good sense and applicability.


• Knowledge of supply chain, inventory, production, warehousing, transport and logistic

• Knowledge of the legislation governing customs activities where the operation is carried out (dual use, customs documents/declaration, movement reference number, VAT, customs tariff according to Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) and archive of the customs documentation required by law

• Knowledge of tools supporting any documents for material management process and authorization

• Knowledge of laws and procedures related to international transport, in order to follow the transport and the arrival of the materials requested/sent

• Knowledge of transportation methodologies for shipping by land or sea

• Knowledge of material purchasing process including process referents and their tasks (officer and product specialist) starting from Material Requisition to PO/contract issue and revision

• Knowledge of the legislation governing the port activities (stevedores, port charges, terminal handling charges, packing inspection, documents related to port activities, such as delivery order, etc.)

• Capability of persuasion influencing without direct authority and obtaining win-win awareness, nevertheless respecting mutual roles and contractual clauses

• Capability to manage shipping and customs activities coordinating internal or external personnel, according to supply criticality level and products peculiarities 

• Capability to define relevant reports and progress information

• Capability to manage a varied and complex workload

• Knowledge of needed documents in order to arrange shipping activities (Packing list, Shipping Invoice, Certificate of Origin, specific declaration/certificates, etc.)

• Capability to prepare the documents necessary for the Tender (Purchase Requisition, Technical Specification, Price List)

• Capability to perform the Technical Bid Evaluation

• Capability to find the best technical and economic strategy for the execution of transports

• Knowledge of the rules governing the marine and aircraft transport operation for "out of gauge" cargo and dangerous goods (IATA regulations, IMO regulations, Transport Road Permits, Heavy Lift Vessel operation, etc.)

• Knowledge of the Chartering and Shipping Terms that define the liability and duties of the Freight Forwarders/Shipping Companies with regard to Transport Service Contracts, terms of delivery and the related descriptions of INCOTERMS