Drilling Engineering and Management & Well Services

Shift Supervisor
Published on: 12/24/20

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description


To ensure the Plant and Field is operated within the defined safe operating envelopes, safe work procedures are followed and plant operability is maintained whilst ensuring environmental care and adherence to Company Safety and procedural policies. 

Key Responsibilities

Ensure compliance to Company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies.

Ensure that all activities in area of control are in compliance with HSE standards, shift team is up to date with HSE policies and comply with the same.

Represent Plant Operations in Task Risk and other risk assessments and reviews.

Initiate incident report in case of occurrence and support in investigation as required.

Plan, schedule and conduct Operations Safety meetings, Desktop Emergency scenarios and Emergency Exercises.

Take role of On scene Commander in response to Plant emergencies.

Manage and oversee operational behavioral systems such as Overrides and Inhibits, Isolations, Operational Risk Assessments, Locked Open and Closed valves.

Plan and carryout Emergency Shut Down and Emergency Depressurization function tests as per schedule.

Control Plant operations and process within established safe operating envelopes

Enforce Plant operation within safe envelopes, monitor operations and alarms, and analyze upsets and trips. Report process excursions, upsets and trips with operating details. Ensure approval is in place before any deviations to standard operations.

Ensure gas re-injection, supply and gas quality are meet.

Conduct first line troubleshooting in case of Plants upsets and trips. Escalate issues to Field Superintendent if necessary.

Optimize operation of different machines to minimize fuel and electricity consumption and improve operational efficiency.

Coordinate with Gas Control Station (GCS) for daily nominations, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cargo schedule and plans for appropriate balance of gas supply and demand.

Manage and control chemical inventory for Plant and Laboratory as per operation modes envisaged.

Terms & Conditions

Location : Dubai (Onshore)

Type : Permanent

Rotational : 28/28 On/Off