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Senior Reservoir Engineer
Published on: 02/8/21

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Job Description


Reservoir Engineer: Perform reservoir modelling studies in order to estimate ultimate recoveries of hydrocarbons, expected recovery factors, and related subsurface risk assessments. Integrate reservoir fluid flow models, geoscience, and well engineering data to identify opportunities that will maximize the economic recovery of hydrocarbons. Construct and maintain analytical and numerical software-based reservoir simulation models for reservoir performance analysis and prediction. Selects and optimizes appropriate recovery processes (secondary, EOR) for given reservoirs. Develop a comprehensive reservoir management plan that includes implementing reservoir monitoring and surveillance programs. Predict reserves and production performance for infill well proposals and recompletion activities. The Reservoir Engineer also works with an integrated team to generate and deliver Life of Field Development Plans. 

The Senior Reservoir Engineer is given general objectives, proceeds on own initiative and judgement; more frequently handles complex assignments that require new processes/techniques to solve; is becoming strongly proactive; helps manager set direction for team; may mentor junior staff; is expected to be a QRE (qualified reserves estimator). Participates in feasibility studies for new technology/processes. May also represent the Company at Technical Committee Meetings, workshops, and industry technical conferences to ensure that Company's strategic and technical aims are met. The Senior Reservoir Engineer may also perform aspects of Petroleum Engineering (10-25% of the time).



Reservoir Performance Analysis and Standard Analytical Modelling  

§ Construct and maintain standard analytical models for reservoir performance analysis and prediction (Eclipse, Petrel-RE, Rubis, MBAL, PVTP)

§ Conduct analysis and evaluation of wells including history of production, pressure history, well interval records, etc.

§ Predict and evaluate waterflood/ secondary recovery process performance and potential recovery factors

§ Assess gaps in subsurface data requirements and implement requests for PVT samples, static gradient pressure measurements, pressure transient tests, etc. 

§ Develop and implement cost-effective reservoir monitoring and surveillance programs; optimize production and injection rates

§ Assess various reservoir drive mechanisms present in field and best way forward for depletion 

Reservoir Characterization and Static Modelling  

§ Support Geologist and Geophysicist in estimating original fluid volumes in place using deterministic and probabilistic methods

§ Complete reservoir evaluation using logs, core, pressure transient data; Collaborate with Formation Evaluation experts on design of core and Petrophysics studies. 

§ Assess rock and fluid properties for input to simulation; Characterize Fluid systems including use of EOS (PVTP)

§ Design basic RCA and SCAL programs for Pc, Kr, wettability, etc. and assist in the interpretation of results when provided  



Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Petroleum or Reservoir). A Master’s degree in Reservoir Engineering is an added advantage. 

Experience: 12+ Years of reservoir engineering experience in the oil and gas industry including significant field development and reservoir management experience, with at least 3-5 years in reservoir simulation and modelling. Experience in modeling oil reservoirs, preferably with Petrel RE and Eclipse E100/300. Experience working in different countries (especially Asia-Pacific) is an added advantage; Achieved QRE status. International Experience working for major IOC or NOC


      English professional level – good communication skills

      Russian – Fluent (Desired)


      Thorough knowledge of general engineering principles and theories; contributes to solving problems; may help management set technical/business objectives

      Software: Eclipse E100/300, Petrel-RE, Rubis, MBAL, PVTP, Prosper, GAP, OFM, Saphir

      Coaching/Mentoring ability; aid in the development of less experienced engineering staff; Standard reservoir analytical techniques, Nodal analysis, Pressure Transient Analysis, core analysis and SCAL program setup and evaluation, relative permeability functions, multiphase flow and phase envelopes, reserves rules and booking; efficient in data and document management, Use of Horizontal and and multi-lateral wells in reservoir management. Developed good relationships with other disciplines including G&G, Drilling, Production, Facilities, Operations, HSSE. Advanced Excel skills are an added advantage.