Senior Logistics Manager
North America
Mexico City
Job Description

For an important IOC with an upcoming exploration project in Mexico we are currently looking for Senior Logistics Manager. Start would be in Jan 2021 with a contract duration of approx. 2 years.

Main responsibilities:

        Obtaining all required authorizations (for the logistic operations) related to the exploration campaign in Mexico

        Developing long term strategies related to logistic activities, identifying the risks related to logistics operation and developing adequate mitigation measures.

        Within logistic operations, guarantee abidance by all applicable national legislation and regulations according to Company´s group policies.

        Performing the necessary adjustments with the purposes of optimizing costs and efficacy.

        Cooperating with the contracting Company performing the necessary acquisition activities to adjudicate the required contract for his area (logistic basis, aviation, support vessels, etc.).

        Participating in the preparation of budgetary exercises for the activities within his area.

        Locally in Mexico, researching possible synergies with other operators. Taking advantage of the solid industrial configuration available in Mexico, and the resulting technical knowledge from the long gas and oil related experience in this Country.

        Promoting respect and abidance by all applicable norms and objectives of Safety and Hygiene and Environment, trough active measures and actions such as training of the personnel, inductions, safety visits, HSE audits, etc.

        Guaranteeing that operations (manipulation/elevation/transportation/aviation/marine) are adequately performed according to the company´s international norms and practices.

        Programming technical and audit inspections as necessary to abide by the company´s referential group.

        Managing personnel involved with logistic activities and planning their development and training, as necessary.

         Contributing to the relationship with authorities in coordination with HSE’s entities and public affairs for all matters related to authorizations, permits and submission of reports.


10+ years of experience with International Oil & Gas project. Experience with exploration drilling campaigns is a plus. Good understanding of both Spanish as English is a must.