Oil and Gas Project Management, Engineering & Construction Management

Senior GeoModeler
Published on: 12/20/20

Middle East
Job Description

A Senior Geo modeler, with more than 15 years of experience well knowledgeable about the challenges and complexities of Kuwait exploration history, This is expected to bring the following additional value to the Exploration group in Kuwait.

Working experience in Carbonate depositional setting. Integrating diverse interpretation seismic, petrophysics, core sedimentology and well test, skilled In building 3D Static model and Static model-based uncertainly estimation. skill in standard model building software, preferably petrel, experience in working tight / fractured carbonate reservoir, building Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) model.


1-Broad work element-Prospect evaluation support for Static Model building

Scope of workProvide G&G support Static Model building associated with E2P Transfers Static mode building associated with the E2P transfers scheduled in the upcoming years

Deliverables- Static Model comprising of Structural Model, Property Model accompanying volumetric estimation and uncertainty analysis

(Knowledge, proficient in Experience): Experience in this domain with more than 15 years of expertise in modeling, should have high level of technical skill in the usage of Oil Industry software's for modeling.

2-Broad work element: Prospect evaluation consultancy and support of the Jurassic projects

Scope of work: Provide G&G consultancy and support for the Key Projects.

North Kuwait (Mutriba & Khabrat Ali) SEK (Greater Burgan), West Kuwait (Kra Al-maru and Kahlulah), West Kuwait Subregion, Offshore, and Kuwait Bay.

Deliverables: Prospect Generation that involves; seismic data interpretation, geological conceptual model, petroleum system element evaluation, G&G data integration. Ali these in the form of documented products and presentation format, Full G&G documents for the ongoing and future projects. 

Knowledge, proficient in Experience: in this domain more than 15 years with proven demonstrated deliverables. High skilled usage of Oil Industry software's used in the prospect evaluation.

3-Broad work element: Seismic Stratigraphy & Off-structure plays Evaluation

Scope of work: Work on the Marrat Off structure prospectively Identify the prospectively of the off-structure traps in Kuwait. This is to be added to the additional strategic projects of Exploration,

Deliverables: Deliver full prospect evaluation with best practices in the off-structure play petroleum system with a special focus on seismic stratigraphy. Data integration from the borehole to seismic to evaluate these plays. Deliver the potential plays yearly in both documented and presented forms to the unit lead.                      

Knowledge, proficiency in Experience: More than 15 years of experience involved in both the oil industry and academia in the sequence stratigraphy. More than 5 years in the oil sector, knows the Exploration challenges and objectives to be achieved, Involved in the major stratigraphic trap reservoirs discoveries.