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Senior Charterer

Published on: 12/12/22

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Senior Charterer Job Description

1. Procure and charter short-term and long-term bulk cargo vessels based on 

business requirements and lead commercial negotiations on voyage, COA, TCPs 

and related shipping contracts, consulting relevant internal teams (e.g. Sales, 

Market Analysis & Planning, Legal, Compliance, Finance, Risk and Operations). 

2. Review existing chartering processes and adapt as necessary to manage business 

requirements and market environment. Continually maintain as required to manage 

Marketing needs and market developments. 

3. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to ensure systems and processes are 

appropriately set up in line with business requirements. 

4. Support the development of Marketing’s chartering and shipping strategy in 

support of Marketing’s strategy. 

5. Provide freight cost estimates for Sales and Planning’s evaluation. 

6. Provide analysis of vessel performance against the TCP to ensure contractual 

obligations under are being met, and submit claims and follow up on all disputes 

when applicable with Claims and Demurrage Lead. 

7. Maintain existing and develop new relationships with Customers, Shipowners, 

Shipbrokers and other relevant market participants to maintain a clear market 

outlook and to understand counterparties differing views 

8. Prepare weekly freight market reports and develop our proprietary view of the 

freight market. 

Decision Making Authority 

• Front line customer interface with autonomy regarding to the negotiation and 

closing of shipping contracts.

• Endorsement and approval authorities as per TOFA/TOGA 

Context / Special Features / Challenges 

• Responsible on a day-to-day basis for the timely implementation and execution of 

freight and commercial transactions to ensure that all obligations arising from the 

shipping contract and charter party are met and carried out professionally. 

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills across all organizational levels. 

• Identifying areas of operational and commercial risk in new and existing shipping 

contracts, with a track record of successfully implementing changes to limit risk 

and increase optionality. 

• Able to connect team members to the bottom line and effectively translate business 

targets and organization strategies 

• Work performed is of a sensitive nature, under high pressure, strict deadlines, high 

workload periods, and within firewalls required. 

• Requirement to travel to meet counterparts when required. 

Close collaboration with Sales and Planning teams to maximize the value-add for 

profitable freight operations and minimize the profit leakage from the flexibility and 

optionality embedded in the shipping contracts. 


Bachelor’s degree in economics, Law, Business Administration or equivalent from 

an internationally recognized university. Postgraduate Qualification (MSc. or MBA) 


• Minimum of 8 years' experience of relevant work experience, with minimum of 5 

years’ experience in Chartering with leading IOC, NOC or reputable shipping 


• Strong knowledge of Chartering/Freight Market on a variety of different contracts 

across different geographies will be beneficial. 

• Ability to leverage on functional support and provide high quality options and 

opinions to commercial stakeholders while identifying risks and opportunities. 

• A key criterion is to be able to operate within a non-standard environment where 

the counterparty requires and expects considerable support and at the same time 

be able to gently introduce standardization and efficiency 

• Multi-disciplinary knowledge and broad competence is required in areas such as 

trading, risk control, sales operations, commercial, financial, contract 

administration, legal, economic analysis and projects. 

• Excellent negotiation skills, communication and interpersonal skills. 

• Top level written and verbal communication skills. 

• Excellent client and internal stakeholder management skills. 

• Ability to take fast risk-based decisions, sometimes based on limited amount of information