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SCADA Engineer for HVDC Control & Protection

Published on: 09/29/22

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Job Description

For one of our clients in the renewables industry in Romania, we are looking for SCADA Engineer for HVDC Control & Protection to work in Bucharest, Romania.


  • Project Engineering "SCADA Communication Gateway" solutions for HVDC control & protection systems (Signal distribution between automation devices, handling of communication interfaces to subsystems and control systems).¬†
  • Creation and maintenance of project specific technical specifications, documents & manuals.¬†
  • Clarification of signal lists with internal departments and external suppliers and customers.¬†
  • Creation and administration of centralized control & protection signal databases.
  • Coordination of signal dispatching between the various devices and locations.¬†
  • Configuration of centralized communication Gateways (IPCOMM ipConf) and further protocol converters.
  • System integration and commissioning of the various components in the test laboratory in Manchester (verification of proper communication between the various components including signal checks).
  • Conduct / support Factory Acceptance Tests with sub suppliers and customers.
  • Technical support during commissioning and warranty phase.

  • University degree in electrical engineering or¬†automation technology equivalent,¬†professional training with¬†significant¬†professional experience.
  • Several years of work experience in SCADA systems for control systems and energy transmission.¬†
  • Experience in the realization of the standard IEC61850 for substation control and for data exchange with higher level automation and SCADA systems.
  • Knowledge of¬†remote-control¬†interfaces, protocol converters and data concentrators.¬†
  • Good knowledge of protocols for energy automation systems like IEC101, IEC104, OPC, DNP and the corresponding communication structures.¬†
  • Experience in project engineering, customer clarification,¬†and¬†working in complex teams.¬†
  • Understanding¬†of¬†SCADA systems as part of energy transmission system (Substations, etc.).¬†
  • Good knowledge in high voltage and substation technology as well as in the design of interlocking schemes and automated control sequences.¬†
  • Good knowledge in secondary interfaces of high voltage components such as switching devices, transformers, CTs and VTs.¬†
  • Very good English language skills¬†including Technical English, German language skills are of advantage.¬†