Oil and Gas Project Services

Sales Operations Officer
Published on: 10/29/21

Job Description

WTS Energy is seeking to hire Sales Operations Officer for one of its client who is a reputed operating company.

Location: Doha, Qatar

The primary purpose of the job is to develop, implement, and coordinate product delivery schedule, customer allocation plans, and cargo loadings according to existing planned sales, berth loading plans and unplanned changes to product availability and customer commitments, which requires continuous and meticulous coordination between the customers, terminal operators, service providers and internal resources whilst ensuring accuracy, efficiency, high customer satisfaction and the protection of product economic value.



a.     Develop delivery and allocation plans for specific products from producers and terminal operators. Production forecasts are redesigned into specific cargo loading schedules and are matched and allocated into existing or planned sales contracts on a rolling monthly and weekly basis. 


a.     Coordinate and execute cargo and load window allocation with customers, ports, terminal operators, independent agents and surveyors, while balancing customer’s requirements with availability. Extract further value and/or maintain value by managing any flexibility in the system.


a.     Costs and service management: Negotiate demurrage rates to ensure market alignment. Allocate surveyors evenly for Quality and Quantity inspections. Track ships to provide daily ETA’s/ vessel performance to coordinate customer and terminal activities. Identify idle/demurrage time and complete “root cause” analysis in developing/evaluating demurrage claims

b.    Payment processing: Forward cargo and shipping original documents to finance for processing of payments. Interact with Finance to make sure financial securities are in place prior to loading

c.     Reporting: Interact with Market Analysts to provide pricing data post loading. Capture schedule and actual data in SAP to maintain reference database for audit and archive


a.     Customer Relations: Manage external customer interactions with producers and terminal operations to assure maximum customer satisfaction is achieved.

b.    Product evacuation: Close and meticulous coordination between the producers, terminal operators and the customer is needed to ensure the avoidance of distressed situations such as Tank Tops.


a.     In the case of Refined Products, coordinate and execute sales operations duties where necessary for purchase (import) of petroleum products


·  Bachelor’s degree in the field of Business/Commerce (Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, etc) or in the field of Engineering (with relevant experience in marketing and sales).

·    At least 8-10 years of professional work experience and a minimum of 4-6 years of experiences in sales management, commercial operations and/or product planning and scheduling. 

·    Sales management and commercial operations skills must have been demonstrated in previous jobs and/or assignments, including client-relationship management. 

·     Ability to make scheduling and operational decisions under pressure.

·     Experience in financial controls and business controls.

·     Experience in operational risk and risk management.

·     Knowledge of products’ qualities and value in quality differences.

·    Knowledge of product value chain and areas in commercial operations where further value can be extracted and where value must be protected.

·     Knowledge of the interrelationships of producers and operators and activities at loading ports.

·     Knowledge of freight contracts and the shipping market.