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Refinery Shift Manager
Published on: 03/16/22

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description

WTS Energy is hiring for a Refinery Shift Manager role for one of its client who is a reputed oil & chemicals Refinery company in Dubai.

Job Purpose:

  • To have overall custodianship of the refinery and accountability during a specific shift. This entails overseeing a safe, reliable and efficient operation without disruption to supply as per plan and to ensure maximization of product yields whilst minimising losses.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leads and directs the operation of Condensate distillation unit, Merox units, oil movement and storage and a utility plant (which includes 2×15 MW gas turbine generators) , all in accordance with standard operating procedures and industry practices
  • Assigns operational jobs, as scheduled, to both the panel as well as the field operators. Supervises the function with two DCS control operators and six outside operators
  • Ensures the update of the log book and optimal records, reviews reports as required. Conducts statistical analysis and make necessary recommendations for the process improvements
  • Manages documentation and process reporting required for operation of the plant
  • Approves all hot work permits in the refinery and checks compliance with safety precautions and procedures
  • Initiates all necessary steps during an emergency to safeguard the interests of men and material. Enforces all the necessary EHS regulation and polices while on the shift
  • Assumes the role of Incident Commander as per ICS command structure and employs the SERT team in controlling emergencies
  • Conducts regular field training exercises for the operators and ensures that they are adequately prepared for any emergency including refinery fires
  • Oversees laboratory activities during the Evening/ night shift and during the holidays
  • Overall in charge of all shipping/ inter tank transfers both to and from the refinery tank. Signatory for all shipping documents for all export/ transfers
  • Initiates the purchase of chemicals and catalyst returned for the operating units
  • Ensures that the quality of effluent discharge meets all environmental regulations
  • Plans and executes timely certifications of products to meet supply plan
  • Generation and implementation of all operating standards and procedures
  • Participates in all Hazard Assessment, HAZOP analysis and safety committee meetings. Ensures the weekly, monthly and annual checking of firefighting systems and equipment
  • Initiates and plans necessary engineering modifications. Handles preparation of operating lines/ equipment for the successful completion of the engineering works. Ensures the new modifications are as per design and operational standards
  • Assists in Turnaround planning and ensures completion of T&I shutdown within the schedule 
  • A degree in chemical Engineering from a recognised and reputed university
  • Minimum 15 years of varied experience in the operations of complex petroleum refinery in all process units including maintenance of equipment and handling of manpower
  • Knowledge of health, safety and environmental standards as well as procedures in similar environment is a must
  • Experience of having handled emergencies as well as start io and shutdowns of process unity’s is essential
  • Able to manage a multinational team
  • Strong technical knowledge and analytical skills, good man management skills, good communication ability, thorough understanding of the refining process, numerical skills and computer literacy is a must