Oil and Gas Project Services

Production Supervisor
Published on: 01/24/22

Job Description
  • Production duction Supervisor is responsible for all work performed in the process area, and that all work except routine process operations are performed with a signed work permit.
  • Familiar with the "Permit To Work System"
  • Ensure continuous process operation with minimum down time.
  • Ensure orders for supply and the correct receiving according to the cargo manifest
  • To liaise with the MSUP for assistance with maintenance and repairs on the process plant.
  • Update maintenance record system.
  • Liaise with the Field Operator representative on-board.
  • Ensure information to CCR concerning crude transfer operations.
  • Provide Field Operator and Company with necessary reports.
  • To act as Production Safety representative and attend Safety Meetings.
  • Ensure the production crew is familiar with the safety shut-down system and the knowledge of necessary actions to take in the event of alarms / shut-down situations, i.e. PSD, ESD, fire and gas alarms.
  • Supervise production start-up after PSD 
  • Being well experienced in Process Operation, Oil Field Operation and having good knowledge of the nature of oil, gas and water production and associated problem shooting
  • Have supervision experience
  • Speak and write English fluently