Professional Services

Published on: 09/14/20

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Job Description


Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


To provide technical support and guidance to field teams in their long term & short term strategy and plans, monitor operational performance of plants & facilities within hydrocarbon processing and water injection treatment plants and provide technical advice to ensure continuous, reliable, efficient, and safe operation as per Client policies, procedures and guidelines in order to achieve the oil production, gas injection, water injection, and gas production targets for the Field.


·  Direct and lead in preparation, availability and implementation of isolation procedures or OPERGUID Procedures for safe and effective execution of activities on day to day basis so that all relevant procedural/operational/legislative/shareholders requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality and cost-effective service.

·  Manage and ensure OPERGUID Procedures are reviewed and updated regularly incorporating all the changes that occurred due to operational experience gained or plant modifications due to PMR or schemes or project implementation or change of responsibility or HSE concerns or best practices.  

·  Provide on-site technical support to Operations Process in troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking studies for the reliable, efficient, and safe operation of the plant facilities.

·  Monitor plant performance on a daily basis and provide technical advice to improve the performance and manage the quality, quantity and pressure as per client specification for gas supply system. Manage the quality, pressure and treatment process of injection water/produced water as per specified standards while ensuring the effective removal of oxygen, wastes and biological ingredients.

·  Direct and lead in recording & monitoring daily flaring figures from all the plants and provide on-site technical advice to improve upon the performance. Lead in calculating or estimating Total Emissions on a monthly basis and provide guidance to reduce the emissions to the extent possible in order to achieve flaring & Emission targets.

·  Direct and lead in estimating flaring and total emissions and establishing KPI targets for Assets.

·  Direct and lead in initiating Plant modifications request for HSE & Operational improvements.

·  Direct and lead in initiating Engineering work requests for engineering studies to improve the current conditions of plant operations in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency.



·  Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent

· 10-15 years’ experience in operation/maintenance division of oil/gas production or petrochemical process plants of which at least 2 years in the engineering division.

· In-depth knowledge of relevant oil & gas practices/compliance principles/methodologies with good operation/engineering knowledge, conceptual thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, risk management, decision making, computer proficiency.

·  Good knowledge of English language and technical writing skills.