Offshore Engineer
Job Description

Our Client a new developing industry in the production of large scale offshore seaweed (initially in Namibia). The harvested product is processed into pharma and nutraceuticals, agri-science and alternative textiles globally. It aims to provide highly cost competitive alternatives to environmentally damaging industrial supply chains that are industrially cultivated with positive environmental impact; and targets very deep global markets in those supply chains.

They are currently looking for an experienced Offshore Engineer who will carry iterative design of innovative offshore substrates for giant kelp cultivation in full offshore conditions in water depths of 50-200m; starting with a 12 hectare pilot array structure to be deployed in 2021. The designs will be assessed through computational analysis (Orcaflex), re-dimensioned and refined, tested to destruction in a number of scenarios, and ultimately refined into detailed design. 


Work location would be in Zeist, the Netherlands

Rotation would be : 5/2


 Job Description

·  Detailed design work will include the dimensioning, material choice, step-by-step assembly and installation steps and costing and procurement activities.

·  Procurement activities include scoping the requirement for support and installation vessels (and diving services), and supporting the effort to either contract or purchase these.

·  Monitoring, sensoring, and eventual repair and/or maintenance is in-scope.

·  Developing a plausible and affordable decommissioning plan is in-scope.

·  The offshore Structural Engineer will support Operations in executing the assembly and installation of the kelp cultivation pilot array(s) in Namibia, and coordinate the collection and analysis of monitoring data (of behaviour, displacement, stresses, and (non-seaweed) marine growth).

·  Initial designs and computations have already been executed.

·  Following a successful pilot, Our Client will work on scaling up its designs and deploying multiple very large arrays offshore. 

Job Requirements

·  5 – 10 years of experience in marine offshore

·  Design of offshore kelp cultivation structures – from concept to detailed design

·  Full costing of structures – materials, services, labour, installation, etc

·  Procurement of materials and services including offshore installation and design services

·  Management of array construction and installation

·  Monitoring and maintenance of structures

·  Re-design and continuous improvement cycle throughout

·  Design of structures for harsher marine environments


Are you an experienced Offshore Engineer who is looking for a new challenge in a new developing industry? We look forward to receiving a copy of your updated CV.