Mechanical Design Engineer for Propane Coolers (Kettles) for LNG Plants
Job Description

▪ Perform technical tasks assigned by the Static Equipment Lead, related to design, verification or study activities of Reactors,

Columns, Vessels, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Air Coolers

▪ Interface with other Equipment Engineers

▪ Co-ordinate some technical activities performed inside or outside Saipem

▪ Perform the follow up of supplies with the selected Vendor after the Purchase Order award


1. Knowledge of air cooled heat exchangers regulated by API 661 and ISO 13706 standards.

2. Experience and ability to carry out the following EPC Contractor activities:

a. Critical review of general specifications (Client’s / Licensor’s / Others’).

b. Preparation of General Specifications.

c. Preparation of API 661 style mechanical datasheet.

d. Preparation of Layout Drawing (technical contents comparable to those of the vendor’s

General Arrangement).

a. Preparation of Material Requisition (Technical Supply Specification).

e. Technical evaluation of vendor bids and subsequent issue of the Technical Bid

Evaluation (TBE) document package.

f. Vendor Follow-up, after Purchase Order issue.

3. Knowledge of the main calculation codes relevant to pressure equipment (ASME Sect.VIII

Division 1 code, as a minimum).

4. Knowledge of Shell DEP specification package relevant to static equipment.

5. At least 3÷4 years experience in the position; at least 2 lots of air cooled heat exchangers

managed in terms of either Engineering, TBE and Vendor Follow-Up activities; at least 1

project regulated by Shell DEP carried out.