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Marine Safety Advisor
Published on: 11/5/20

Middle East
Job Description

For our client, a major company responsible for all phases of the oil and gas industry, we are looking for Marine Safety Advisor to oversee Quality Assurance, Safety and Compliance of Marine contractors, vessels, cargo lifting & hoisting, cargo transportation and special port operations (stevedoring services), conformance of company procedures to applicable regulation and to ensure the risk for all offshore Marine activity in the State of Qatar is kept to an acceptable level on behalf of company and a number of other local oil companies. The Marine Safety Advisor develops and implements Marine safety standards and strategy based on the latest industry best practice guidelines and international safety benchmarks, and provides assurance to all offshore oil companies within the State of Qatar.


1. Organizes, develops, and conducts programs for inspecting/ensuring compliance with Marine safety standards, particularly those set out by Qatar Ministry of Transport, vessel manufacturers and international organizations.

2. Conducts regular surveys and inspections of Marine operations; inspects physical condition of vessels, ports and rigs, their related facilities and equipment.

3. Organizes, develops, and conducts programs for inspecting/ensuring compliance with Lifting & Hoisting standards in relation to offshore cargo movement.

4. Identifies hazards, unsafe conditions and practices and provides appropriate corrective action measures.

5. Leads teams in formal audit of Vessels owners’ operations/engineering/safety performance both locally and internationally; preparing reports on findings and recommendations; reviewing close out action, and confirming closure of audit findings.

6. Monitors and follows-up closure of incident/accidents and implementation of corrective/preventive measures.

7. In the event High Potential Risk incidents are identified through the above process, leads the incident investigation team, ensuring that the investigation include a report of the facts, conditions, and circumstances relating to each accident and a determination of the probable cause along with the recommendations for remedial action designed to prevent similar accidents in the future..

8. Proposes any requirement for additional training and development of any related team/individuals (vessels crew, stevedoring crew, off-shore lifting team, etc.).

9. Ensures contractors comply with company Safety Regulations Procedures; reviews Contractor’s reports to ensure compliance with company requirements.

10. Responsible for monitoring vessel re-fueling procedures and techniques in company provided re-fueling facilities and document observations, maintain records and ensure compliance with government and/or civil regulatory laws and regulations.


• Marine Engineering or Chief Engineer Class One Certificate of Competency or Master Foreign Going – Class One Certificate of Competency.

• Bachelor Degree in a related field.

• 15 years’ experience in Vessel Operations, 10 of which are in safety monitoring and improvement.

• 3 years’ work experience in an offshore oil & gas company.

• Expert knowledge of Marine safety management systems.

• Experienced and Certified Lead Auditor

• Accident Investigators qualification (Oil and Gas or Marine)