Oil and Gas Project Services

Insulation inspector (marine/shipyard)
Published on: 04/15/21

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description

WTS Energy is seeking to hire Insulation inspector for one of its client who is a reputed shipyard.

Location: Dubai

Duration: 6 months


·        Plan, train, supervise and inspect all types of insulation and cladding jobs in the department in order to meet set milestones and to ensure timely delivery of projects.


Policies, Processes & Procedures:

·        Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

·        Follow and comply to information Security Rules and data security measures in order to protect the company information / intellectual properties.

Day- to-day operations:

·        Supervise routine insulation and cladding works at Project sites and in the workshop, including but not limited to installation of new insulation, cladding, removal of old insulations and disposing of it properly.

·        Manage the fabrication & installation of various insulation (eg: Aerogel, glass wool, Flexible elastomeric foam, Cellular glass etc.) and cladding work (metallic & non-metallic) in line with the applicable standards (eg: NORSOK) and the project specifications.

·        Liaise with Foremen / Supervision to ensure the insulation & cladding are done as per the QHSE requirements.

·        Assist the Supervisors in planning activities and ensure that all required resources are arranged promptly to meet the project requirements.

·        Prepare required training manuals and other Project-specific documents (eg: Insulation Procedure Specification, method statement etc.) in line with the project specifications and applicable codes/standards.

·        Train, test and certify the personnel (for insulation & sheet metal work) in line with NORSOK (eg: R004, M004 etc.) requirements and other applicable standards/specifications.

·        Supervise and guide the workers while the work is in progress (to avoid any failures, deviations, reworks etc.)

·        Inspect and certify the deliverables (eg: work completed / in-progress) in line with the required standards / specifications.

·        Ensure inspection punch lists / comments are clarified and cleared with the clients and other inspection/approval agencies.

·        Follow the day-to-day operations to smooth progress of work.


Direction of Subordinates (applicable for supervisory jobs)

·        Organises and supervises the activities and work of the team of subordinates to ensure that all work (ie. insulation & cladding) are accomplished efficiently to meet the Project requirements.

Continuous Improvement

·        Contributes to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account of ‘international best practices’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.


·        Prepares the project / progress reports on time and accurately to meet the requirements of the company and the department.


Technical competencies:

·        Must be a well-experienced Insulation inspector familiar with the requirements of NORSOK standards (eg: R004, M004 etc.), CINI and other applicable standards.

·        Good knowledge of insulation and cladding works

·        Ability to read the drawings and specifications to determine the job requirements

·        Select and use appropriate tools, equipment, materials and machines

·        Select and use appropriate measuring / testing devices

·        Good knowledge of appropriate engineering principles, techniques and procedures


•            Diploma / Degree in Engineering or Science.

•            FROSIO Insulation Inspector level 3 (as detailed in NORSOK R004 & M004).

•            Training & Supervising Skills.

•            7-10 years’ relevant experience in Marine / offshore Insulation field.