Instrumentation Engineer Anal Spec (Senior)
Job Description


▪ Perform Project technical tasks assigned by the Instrumentation Discipline Lead consisting in design, checking, layout

definition, installation drawings and material definition, validation, testing and engineering of process measuring sensors,

process actuators, installation elements and process safety elements

▪ Interface and coordinate with the other Project Team Specialists and Designers

▪ Coordinate technical activities performed either by insourcing either by outsourcing


The Engineer executes the activities within his area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE


Tasks include:

A – Development Technology know how and Commercial support

B – Feasibilit y

C – Bidding phase/Commercial proposal development

▪ Prepare Instrumentation elements (tagged items and bulk material), quantities for cost and erection works estimates

▪ Support Discipline Lead to define man hours and cost estimat es

D – Project Execution

▪ Review Client technical documentation and requirements

▪ Coordinate subcontracted engineering activities and control subcontracted engineering documents

▪ Define engineering design basis and guidelines

▪ Prepare the technical documentation for Instrumentation elements material and services requisitions and prepare,

according to internal procedures, the technical evaluations

▪ Provide technical support to Project Team

▪ Optimise Instrumentation design ensuring minimal cost and complexity in compliance with the contractual and safety


▪ Prepare Instrumentation technical specifications

▪ Prepare Instrumentation data sheets

▪ Prepare Instrumentation installation specifications and drawings

▪ Prepare Instrumentation BOQs and MTOs

▪ Participate to P and ID mechanization

▪ Validate Vendor control valves and safety valves sizing calculations

▪ Validate Vendor measurements elements sizing calculations

▪ Coordinate engineering activities

▪ Ensure Instrumentation 3D modeling design activities

▪ Participate to F.A.T. activities ad Vendor workshop

E – Construction and start up

▪ Provide technical and engineering support to construction Team

▪ Perform site engineering activities during construction and commissioning phases

  • Understand correctly the Process & Instrument Diagrams
  • Operate on the instrumentation software packages to manage database (SPI and/or AVEVA) and/or on 3D modeling (SP3D e/o PDMS) with the support of a more experienced resource, if needed.
  • Independently develop technical specifications, datasheets and installation designs for the various types of Instruments/analyzers/bulk material
  • Fill in a technical tabulation based on the offers received from instrumentation bidders
  • Evaluate the outputs of the calculation tools
  • Mechanize independently the Process & Instrument Diagrams
  • Interface himself/herself independently with the other engineering disciplines and with the suppliers, in order to identify optimized solutions from a technical/economical point of view
  • Finalize the release of technical evaluation for the purchase of the various types of instruments/analyzers/bulk material
  • Independently solve various interdisciplinary issues that may occur during the project activities