HR & Employee Succes Manager
Job Description

Job description summary:

  • Leading, executing and coordinating Talent Sourcing, Assessment and Mapping
  • Leading, executing and coordinating the Talent Engagement and Knowledge Transfer Processes  
  • Leading, executing and coordinating On and Off boarding
  • Leading, executing and coordinating Corporate Communication Program, Internal, External, including Marketing and Social Media
  • Designing the framework for XXIst Century Employees Success Transformation
  • Defining learning and capability development strategy
  • Delivering learning capability and competence assurance strategy
  • Designing a step-by-step roadmap to build a fit for purpose classroom and digital learning
  • Designing a step-by-step roadmap for working groups knowledge transfer
  • Designing a learning platform capable to track and visualize knowledge transfer progress
  • Create immersive lessons that are fun and engaging for the student
  • Energize the Talent Engagement Process
  • Revitalize the Talent Development Process
  • Create the Career Development Toolkit for different skill pools: develop an automated system to customize a fit for purpose learning program tailored to each individual student based on his/her assessment results and career ambitions
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance in HR and Legal processes
  • Monitor Employment and Social Burden
  • Ensure communication with employee is not breach
  • Attend and contribute to DRB
  • Attend and contribute to KPI
  • Attend and contribute to other SQ meetings as well as Business Performance Reviews.

Reports to:
General Manager

Education requirements:
Bachelor and/or master’s degree in psychology, Education, Human Resources

Work experience requirements:

  • Min. 5 years working experience as HR Supervisor

Languages: English and French

Software knowledge:

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • SAP

Key Personal Assets:

  • Analytical mind-set
  • Patient
  • Law Savy
  • Simple and practical solutions oriented
  • Self-starter / Get-done attitude
  • Personnel Supervision Management
  • Enthusiastic Communicator
  • Extremely dedicated and Passionate Professional
  • Personnel Communication Lover
  • Psychologist support attitude

Past advantageous experiences:

  • Familiarity with HR databases, Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Management Systems;
  • (Project) Management Experience;
  • Hands-on experience with Learning Development Projects;
  • Affinity with Data Management and Analytics Software;
The role of the HR & Employee Success Manager:
  • To actively participate in the design and implementation of Company’s Certifications Compliance Programs
  • To ensure implementation of the Learning Development Program to boost competence and performance of the Employees
  • To ensure full Employees satisfaction
  • To ensure Employees are listened to and responded timely and accurately with all their queries
  • To implement Consequence Management programs whenever required
  • To Design, Coordinate and Implement WTS Energy Internal and External Communication strategy regarding Corporate communications updates, Training, Coaching, Learning and Career Development
  • To Draft and Finalized the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Convention d’Etablissement)
  • To Enhance Knowledge Transfer Program
  • To Manage Recruitment and Training Matrix
  • To review and validate Contract Management with Employees
  • Compilation of required forms and documents
  • Contract administration / contract amendments / contract end confirmations
  • Managing internal and external authorization of contract related documents
  • Ensure Onboarding Checklist is fulfilled beyond Mobilization
  • Lead onboarding process
  • Set goals for succession pool developments
  • motivate and encourage office team
  • Daily monitoring of General Administration
  • Weekly call with POG Team to track progress on their daily task
  • Monitor receipt of required documents
  • Accurate submission of all Employment details into Operations Databases
  • Accurate submission of change orders to Finance
  • Obtaining, reviewing and validating Rota and Training Planning of Field workers, Locals and Expats including immigration formalities visa/work permits (??? For OPS MANAGER)
  • Accurate submission of all travel & logistics details into Operations Database (??? For OPS MANAGER)
  • Control that employees’ WFM profile are accurate
  • Control and notify HSE and HR team on expiring certifications
  • Actively participate in HR team continuous learning.
  • Managing outsourced activities in cooperation with the Operations Manager
  • Administrating and issuing of safety passports
  • Administering Labor Law
  • Administering Immigration Labor Law
  • To continuously communicate, coordinate and report to the Technical Domain Champions, Company Technical and General Management
  • To continuously formulate innovative solutions to develop and enhance WTS Energy Learning Content, by liaising and coordinating with Domain Champions, Company Technical and General Management
  • To implement a reliable, traceable and automated Competence Assessment and Certification Assurance System
  • To become WTS Energy Educational Content & Technology Master
  • To continuously formulate and propose Innovative Digital and Organizational Designs to get validated by WTS Energy Management
  • Create and Run Power Point presentations
  • Participate in relevant management conference calls and attend coordination meetings at other locations as required
Provide Weekly report covering:
  • Progress reports and ensure data is accurate and correct
  • Progress report on Employees Management issues and its resolutions
  • Progress report on New Hires and Releases
  • News regarding the Labor Law

Accountable for optimum performance of:
  • HR Operational Support Administration
  • Logistic Administrator
  • Procurement Officer
  • Training Coordinator