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Head of Technology
Published on: 07/26/21

Job Description

For one of our clients, Battolyser Systems we are looking to hire a Head of Technology!

Welcome to Battolyser Systems, a fully funded, cleantech scale-up company based in The Netherlands. But obviously, that’s not the most important part. What is important, is our purpose and the impact we can actually make with our product, the Battolyser. Let us take you on this journey and show how you can make a difference by joining a fast-growing purpose-driven company.

First, some background information on Battolyser Systems. Seven years ago, some really smart people at the Delft University of Technology invented the world’s first integrated battery and electrolyser system. They named it a ‘Battolyser’ and realized this invention could connect renewable power generation in a revolutionary way with how society will consume energy in a net zero emission world. To make a real impact, the technology was spun out of the Delft University of Technology into a separate company in 2019 to demonstrate a proof of concept in an industrial setting. And so, Battolyser Systems was born.

Fast forward to today. We have a patented, proven technology, customers are lined up and funding is secured. We have also attracted some top talent in the renewable energy and hydrogen market, passionate and motivated to make a difference. Knowledgeable, connected and committed are some of the keywords that best describe current leadership. In growing the company we aspire to build lasting teams for which we are looking to recruit a Head of Technology who is motivated to make a real difference in tackling climate issues and recognizes the unparalleled innovation Battolyser technology brings in accelerating the energy transition.


Head of Technology

This role is at the leading edge of applied electrochemistry in product innovation for future sustainable energy systems. You are the technology heart of the company, reporting directly to the CEO. You are responsible for research & development to fuel continuous improvement of our products. You will build and lead a technology team including electrochemical technologists and materials specialists, and collaborate closely with knowledge institutions and particular Delft University of Technology. With your team you’ll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Take full responsibility for the development of the stack, including cell performance improvement, manufacturability, operability and materials selection. The new cell designs will be tested in our dedicated Battolyser Research Facility before mass manufacturing;
  • Develop promising new electrode materials modifications introduced at Delft University of Technology for implementation in future Battolyser generations;
  • Lead close collaboration with suppliers of specialty materials, such as cell frames, diaphragms and component manufacturers;
  •  Develop together with the Head of Products a Research & Development roadmap and take accountability for implementation;
  •  Lead the IP strategy, building on the existing patent portfolio to position Battolyser Systems for future growth.

We feel, in order to be successful in this role, you have a PhD in electrochemistry. You are self-driven, intrinsically motivated and committed to materialize the overall company vision. You are a technologist at heart with a track record in battery or alkaline water electrolysis product development and innovation. You are ‘hands-on’ but know when to leave it to others, this shows in demonstrable experience in leading teams. You can translate product specifications to clear R&D plans and make science practical. You want your work to be commercially successful and reach out to other teams to ensure it can be engineered, manufactured and exceeds customers’ expectations. And finally, a strong academic and industry network that would really set you apart.

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