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Expert Maintenance

Published on: 12/12/22

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Expert Maintenance Job Description

For one of our clients, we are recruiting an Expert Maintenance in charge to interpret and monitor the condition of the mechanical equipment’s (dynamic, static and pipes) in order to ensure the availability of technological facilities in the area of responsibility.


  1. Prepares orders based on notifications, depending on the priorities resulting from the risk matrices for short and medium-term works and revisions;
  2. Plans capital repair and routine maintenance works for dynamic and static equipment;
  3. Creates operations, by main execution phases and related operations – non core (scaffolding, cranes),
  4. Assesses the malfunctions signaled by Production notifications regarding the actual on site situation in order to plan the repairs;
  5. Takes part, with the contractor’s experts, in performing an assessment following the dismantling of the equipment, preparing the inspection/assessment report, including improvement proposals, viable solutions, part replacement, part reconditioning etc.;
  6. Establishes the normal activity duration – unit prices, hourly rate, staff, logistics;
  7. Checks in SAP and processes the material requirements for execution in the order, according to the adopted technical solution;
  8. Develops vibration collection routes to monitor dynamic equipment according to the equipment’s criticality, as well as the frequency of lubrication inspections.
  9. Coordinates the availability of contractor personnel resources to carry out the works within the scheduled timeframe, including their flexibility in case of schedule changes;
  10. Plans order costs based on unit prices, hourly rates or factors for the maintenance works related to the maintenance and repair of dynamic and static equipment;
  11. Sums up the costs related to each order operation and sends them for approval according to the Maintenance procedure approval workflow.  
  12. Initiates overhaul orders, creates operations, by main execution phase and related operations – non core; plans in the windows related to operations and materials;
  13. Creates in SAP the Service Entry Sheets (SES) for the revision and routine maintenance works finished and received in terms of quantity, quality and documentation, including the technical closure of orders.
  14. Monitors and checks the status of maintenance works in terms of the planned start and finish dates of the works;
  15. Sets corrective measures for the compliance with planned resources: time, budget etc.
  16. Requests approvals in SAP according to the approval matrix;
  17. Approves orders and call-offs and requests approvals in SAP according to the approval matrix
  18. Processes and archives orders
  19. Prepares summary notes for the orders launched at the collaborators’ request.
  20. Approves frame contract orders and delivers it to the contractor to perform the work
  21. Verifies the payment status for finished works in terms of their compliance with contractual provisions;
  22. Participates in the reception of works, taking the quantity, quality and documentation into account;
  23. Uploads in SAP scanned documents related to the reception of services;
  24. Issues material sheets for the execution of dynamic and static equipment repairs;
  25. Assists in the analysis of maintenance, investment, demolition projects and other special projects;
  26. Approves the reception of materials, spare parts, equipment and fixed assets;
  27. Works with the Production, Procurement, Investment, HSE, Technical Services Departments;
  28. Updates and prepares the technical documentation of the rotating and static equipment necessary for repairs.
  29. Assists in the development of technical repair or reconditioning solutions, taking the necessary technical decisions for their resolution;
  30. Prepares and/or updates the tender books, repair documentation, procedures, drawings and blueprints;

  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in oil and gas, with mechanical equipment maintenance supervision duties;
  • Experience in the spectral vibration analysis of rotating equipment;
  • Extensive skills and knowledge in the field of malfunction diagnosis, based on the vibration monitoring of dynamic machinery.
  • Capacity/initiative to take correct decisions quickly and to take responsibility for them.
  • Knowledge of MS Office, specific knowledge of IT/SAP PM and SAP MM , IT tools to plan job-specific works;
  • Good knowledge of English (written and spoken).