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Published on: 12/12/22

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Expert Electrical Job Description

For one of our clients, we are recruiting an Expert Electrical in charge to provide technical solutions and monitoring of the execution on electrical equipment.


1.     Verifies from a technical standpoint and monitors the proper preparation of data sheets for the electrical equipment in process facilities (suggests corrections where necessary)

2.     Performs preventive and corrective maintenance works for the electrical equipment

3.     Answers for the assembly and commissioning of electrical equipment according to project requirements

4.     Supervises the starting of electrical equipment during commissioning, start-up and performance test, being responsible for its operation under design conditions during this period.

5.     Investigates electrical technical accidents and proposes corrective measures.

6.     Follows up on the execution of works the adherence to the budget

7.     Provides assistance to the execution of investment projects

8.     Takes part in technical review meetings, HAZOP.

9.     Assists in the investigation and drawing up of incident reports

10.   Reviews existent technological facility equipment and makes suggestions for improvements meant to increase operational efficiency

11.   Ensures the training of operating personnel in order for them to know the parameters and operating conditions of electrical equipment in new and modernized installations

12.   Application of Integrated Management System requirements Рknowledge of system documents

13.   Complies with legal requirements and other applicable requirements in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and security, fire protection (e.g. authorisations, environmental programs, environmental emergency plans, prevention and protection plans, measures taken after authority controls or controls of the authorized institutions)

14.   Uses, maintains and manages correctly the work means / equipment, the fire protection and safety equipment and personal protective equipment

15.   Informs the line manager immediately about any discrepancies in the process parameters and about any situation they considers to be a threat to the environment, the health and security, or about any work, environmental or technical incident occurred at the work place


Knowledge of electrical equipment specific to the chemical industry

Knowledge of facilities specific to the chemical industry

Knowledge of safety requirements for electrical equipment in potentially explosive environments

Knowledge of current legislation for electrical equipment

Knowledge of English, at least at medium level

Category B driving license