E&I Superintendent
Job Description


▪ Organize, coordinate and control the execution of the electrical works and instrumentation works, performed by subcontractors or in direct hiring

▪ Coordinate the assigned integrated team and managing the interfaces with all construction disciplines and commissioning

department, ensure the availability of the materials and equipment and verifying that works are correctly performed in

accordance with project documentation and schedule

▪ Ensure full compliance with safety and quality standards and procedures



▪ Promote safe works practices and environmental protection, ensuring that safety standards are respected

▪ Ensure the fulfilment of the project quality and contractual requirements

▪ Verify and confirm the availability of drawings and materials to plan the efficient execution of the works performed by

subcontractors or by assigned direct hiring personnel (feasibility analysis)

▪ Set-up time schedule adhering to the time frame allocated to the specific scope of work

▪ Arrange for the correct and cost-effective performance of electrical construction works, in accordance with the established

operating programs

▪ Coordinating and controlling the activities performed by the integrated team composed by supervisor, field engineers and

Quality inspectors

▪ Coordinate and manage all the external stakeholders including, but not limited to, clients, contractors, vendors other agency

as required

▪ Give all information regarding the progress of the work indicating any cause of deviations between the program and the

work carried out and propose any corrective actions as required to overcome these problems. Control production parameters

in terms of efficiency and productivity

▪ Ensure proper discipline workflow, interfacing with all the project organization

▪ Support the resolution of technical problems encountered during the execution of the works

▪ Ensure the correct quantities accounts of the works, including updating man-hours and cost estimates for scope of work


▪ Ensure the supervision and monitoring of the works performed, subcontracted or in direct hiring. Coordinate human and

technical resources, indicating any needs or surplus. Plan and monitor vendors or any specialists activities at site

▪ Manage the technical and administrative documentation

▪ Manage the accounting work progress following the construction program, updating the progress monitoring and verifying

the invoices from Sub-contractors

▪ Ensure the achievement of the MC certificate according to priority and systemization done by commissioning, being

responsible for certification and punch list clearance