Drilling Manager
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description


Plans, directs and coordinates the Drilling activities including reviewing, studying and approving drilling operational/engineering processes and reports. Supervises the planning and execution of company’s drilling operations and well completion. Manages and coordinates the preparation of the drilling budget, controls expenditure and justifies variances. Reports to the Executive Director, E&P.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plans and directs all drilling, well completion and workover operations and ensures that all operations have been thoroughly researched, engineered, programmed and implemented in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with the prescribed requirements of the subsurface team.
  • Directs the preparation of drilling, drilling fluid & cement programmes for drilling workover and exploration operations and the availability of the required materials.
  • Keeps abreast of new development in drilling techniques and ensures that subordinates are provided with such information to improve work effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Plans, directs and provides general supervision over the activities of assigned personnel in the Drilling Department.
  • Performs supervisory functions and exercises financial authority at the Departmental level as established by E&P Director.
  • Directs the preparation of and submits the Department's budget for management's approval and ensures that drilling activities are completed within budget and schedule.
  • Controls expenditure and ensures that the variances between approved budget and actual expenditure are properly justified.
  • Reviews and approves operational and engineering reports prepared by subordinates such as drilling, well completion, workover, flow test, drill stem test and similar technical summary reports. Ensures accurate reporting of all drilling activities.

Terms & Conditions

Type : Staff role

Location : Sharjah, UAE

  • Bachelor degree in Petroleum or Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum Professional Experience Required
  • Minimum 10 - 15 years drilling experience preferably within a Multinational Corporation  
  • Special Requirements and Conditions
  • MENA region area knowledge.